Waiting for Guffma...errr Bob Wood - Westrey

I thought Bob was going to post a note on the Justice but I got impatient

2007 Westrey Pinot Noir Justice Vineyard - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Eola - Amity Hills (3/13/2009)
Prior to this, the only other pinot I have had from this young vineyard was St Innocent, which I have really liked. Although the 2007 St Innocent is not released, I would suspect one of the differences would be the oak. This seems to be easier on the oak compared to early SI Justices. At first the aromatics leaned toward a bit of dill which quickly turned to sweet spiced cherries. A slight resemblance to SRH on the nose. Purity is the word for the palate. Seamless. With the early primary fruit at the front I didn’t get much complexity but right now this is refreshing and tasty. Had some whole cluster components although I don’t think they use any. (90 pts.)

2007 Westrey Chardonnay Reserve - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (3/27/2009)
This wine is about 40% Justice Chard so I must be on a Justice kick. This is a wonderful chardonnay. Nice balance of richness and crispness. Acid and cream mixed in with a bunch of apples. Aromatically I would just call this enticing. Hard to not gulp it down now but I think for my tastes, this could use 4 or 5 years. (92 pts.)

2000 Westrey Zinfandel Layne Vineyard - USA, Oregon (3/22/2009)
I like old wines and I like old zin but this was pushing the edge for me. I knew this might be past its prime but for $12 why not try it. Nose has gone to a bit of a weird place. Very sherried. Not all together uninteresting and still smells like zin but it is suffering. On the palate it was a bit to much for me after 1 glass. The fruit is there but the oxidization and sherrie thing wore me out. (82 pts.)



Interestingly enough Jason, the plan was to open the Justice tomorrow with seared ahi in wild mushroom/ginger/garlic butter. Sorry I’ve taken so long to get around to it.

I’m currently sipping an '07 ‘regular’ chardonnay which is delicious. I find the oak regimen in the Reserve to be just a bit much for my tastes. Either way, Amy and David have perfected chardonnay from the valley.

Good to know. I look forward to your thoughts on the Justice and I look forward to tying the regular Chard. I enjoyed the oak on the chard, probably because of the good acids. I look forward to following its evolution.


Wine fail. I thought I’d grabbed a Justice but it was was an Oracle instead and I didn’t notice until it was open. I didn’t take any notes but this is simply classic Red Hills pinot - lots of red fruit (strawberries, raspberries) and a certain dustiness.

I did that recently with a SI 7 Springs Special Selection.

I only have 1 Oracle … was thinking around 2012-14 … thoughts?