Waiters corkscrew

I am looking for a cheap, but quality one to use fr every day bottles…ideally under $30. Anyone have suggestions?

Check wine enthusiast. I think the brand is Pull-tap or something like that. $20 and double-hinged. It’s my everyday opener. I actually think I saw it at Harris-Teeter for $12.

Wine shops will often give you one free. Just tell them you need one when you are checking out. And even if they don’t I don’t think spending much on one makes much difference.

Stop by and I’ll give you one of the pull tabs :wink: they’re great, we use them all the time but we use an Ah So for older bottles, not as much chance of breaking a cork, older corks are often more fragile and the auger (screw) can sometimes make and older cork disintegrate.

did you get your PullTab at Neimann Marcus ? I don’t know where they are $20 … Yikes [shrug.gif]

I dont know what it is about these boston kids, but they act like they have never seen one till I rolled into town. The only corkscrew I use, unless its and oldie and I go for the Ah so.

I’ll give you one. You pay postage. (that’s like $4-$5 US Priority Mail) I’ve got more than I’ll ever use.

Ah balderdash. You beat me to it. Yeah I’ve got a drawer full of these things. BTW, why can’t a Laguiole be your everyday one? …just sayin.

I once had a friend/suitor who boasted that he needn’t a corkscrew because he could use his pinky to open push in the cork of any wine. And although any (cork)screw will do - this is NOT OKAY. [bye2.gif]

Glad your friends are hookin you up Zach!

I got a recession priced Laguiole for $14.99 from Target. It works pretty pretty good.

http://www.homewetbar.com/Laguiole-Corkscrew-Rosewood-with-Case-p-365.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Or the Forge de Laguiole like the one I have. I had a friend buy a few wholesale from these guys. I think you just need a resellers tax ID to place an order but I could be wrong.

http://www.wineappreciation.com/index.htm?sidenav.htm&topnav.htm&main.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

this looked cute:

I’ll bring one to FFII for you Zachy…

I never understood the fascination with the Laguiole. Sure they might be nice, but they are not double hinged like the pull tabs.

Never liked Laguiole. Honestly, I have always like the double hinged classic waiter’s corkscrew. Pull-tap does a great job and is cheap (~$10) and available at almost any wine shop. I also like to make sure it has a serated blade for a foil cutter those non-serated blades drive me nuts!

They key thing is to make sure your worm tip is sharp!

http://www.wallywine.com/p-11834-pulltaps-corkscrew.aspx?affiliateid=10098" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I’ve got 2 Laguiole’s (need to find them) and really like them…even though they are not double pull. It’s all in what you get used to and Laguiole are very good…but the double pulls are good also.

Zach…I can get they down here in ATL for about 10 bucks…I can bring you a couple to DFW if you want.

The double-hinged classic is by far my favorite. I only have 2 both with advertisements on them (got 'em free) and would like more. I would like to keep one in my wine totes, one at the office, one in the car, and one on the counter at home. Any time I remember to look for them the store I’m in (usually kitchen/bath type shops) only has the crappy kind (OXO or something like that). When I’m in a wine shop I’m usually focused on getting through the aisles and out the door to minimize the financial damage I almost always forget to check!

go check ebay, I got a pack of 10 for around $15


We have a beautiful Laguiole olive wood corkscrew, and it’s very nice, but I find that I usually just reach for our trusty old OXO waiter’s corkscrew. I think it’s about $7.

Thanks for the tip - will do.