Waikiki Recos

Going to Waikiki at the end of June for a
family reunion. Staying at the Sheraton Waikiki.

Any recos on places to eat both higher end and dives would be good!

Also ideas on places to go, things to do.

Danny - I’m assuming you are willing to eat outside of Waikiki somewhere else in Honolulu? For high end I would put Alan Wong’s on King Street is the top of my list(get reservation ahead of time) with 3660 On The Rise as a close 2nd. For less expensive dinner I like so many but I would try Side Street Inn(2 locations and one I think is only open weekends)…this is where the chefs eat late at night. Ichiriki(reservations req; right around the corner from Side Street Inn) is a nice change to nabe dinner, however, parking is tough to find…take a cab. Inexpensive lunch I would try the South Shore Grill(near Diamond Head) and Nico’s on Pier 38(Honolulu Harbor). I’m also partial to a good “plate lunch” with many places to choose from… I typically go cheap for Like Like or something similar. For dinner and music I like Chai’s Island Bistro at the downtown Aloha Tower. Manapua is a nice snack for lunch or mid-day…Libby’s is probably the most famous but there are others. Hot malasadas from Leonard’s is a nice sugar rush with a good cup of coffee. I could go on but I’ll let others comment…Aloha, Gary

Gary- thanks for the suggestions so far, and to answer your question for anyone else. Yes elsewhere in honolulu not a problem.

Danny, here are a couple of places I enjoy that are on the local side. KaKa’ako Kitchen for plate lunch (Ward Center area), Leonard’s for the regular malasadas. If you don’t mind taking a drive for lunch to the North Shore might I suggest Romy’s for some shrimp and prawns. Make sure you call ahead by 20-30 minutes so you don’t have to wait. The last place I would look to is Sensei for their 50% off sushi. Can’t remember if it is Wed or what, but worth looking into for the price. Have fun and give us a recap.

We were just there last month and had good meals at Roy’s Waikiki, Azure (in the Royal Hawaiian), and House Without a Key (in Halekulani), all within walking distance of your hotel. Alan Wong’s was also good, and worth a trip if you have a car. Be sure to make a reservation in advance for Alan Wong’s.

I think Morimoto is probably my current favorite place. I do like the restaurants in the Halekulani as well (that’s where we stay). Roy’s is generally mediocre, especially if you have been going to them for 20 years. 3660 On The Rise was good enough the only time I went (2009). Nobu is great for drinks. Doraku is also pretty good for sushi. The best sushi though, is Mitch’s, by the airport. Board member Andrew Hall was just there a few weeks ago and can attest.

Testify! Thanks to John’s rec, we went there and it was some of the best sushi anywhere. BYO Maui Brewing Co Bikini Blonde Lager.

Alan Wong’s was outstanding.

I disagree some on Roy’s. It is like there are two restaurant’s in one with Roy’s. There is a very efficient and clinical kitchen that pours out the signature dishes. And then there is a menu from the particular chef-de-cuisine. We ordered almost exclusively from that menu and were not disappointed. That said, I am not sure I would make it a destination. We dropped in and easily got seats at the bar overlooking the kitchen.

Henry’s Place for ice cream. Dive is one way to describe it, but incredible ice cream.

La Mariana sailing club. Food is meh and they don’t really make the tiki drinks correctly, but it is the last home of all kinds of relics from the heyday of the tiki bar. Ramshackle and on the water - just can’t be beat. Tiki’s Bar and Grill (right on Kalakaua) does a lot better better in food and a little better in drinks and has more modern elements of tiki. Good for the whole fam too.

Rum Fire - since you are in the Sheraton Waikiki - was better than we expected and their two high-end mai tais were credible variations (unlike most any place in HI.) Fun spot for sitting and watching the water.

Beach Bum Cafe in downtown Honolulu is hands-down the best coffee shop you are going to find by several orders of magnitude. He has a board that lists the coffees available by origin (all HI) and variety. All brewed seriously and he also has a really good custom multi-island espresso blend. No body else is even close.

Aloha Table is a locals kind of spot that is close-by to where you are staying.


I didn’t like Alan Wong’s when I went in December. I thought the food was too heavy handed. We did the Chef’s tasting. On the positive, 07 and 08 Coche Dury Corton Charlie for under $800! Too bad they wouldn’t let me take a bottle out of the restaurant =(.

tonkatsu ginza bairin. It’s walking distance from your hotel.
Highly recommended!

+100000!!! Also next door to it is a great soba place. Nom

Lot’s of good recommendations above.

Don’t forget Mavro’s, just 1/2 block from Alan Wongs. Yanagi Sushi on Beretania, their Crab Soup is to die for, La Guignol, french food and $5 corkage, Meditearannio on King, nothern italian, Kua Aina, North Shore for burgers. Any Fatboys for local food.

Wine shops; R. Fields inside the Foodland on Beretania, Tamura’s on 10th Ave/Wai’alai, Fujioka Wine Times on the backside of Market City.

Hiking Diamond Head (wear sneakers), go to the beach (Duh!), rent a longboard, golf, cocktails & hula @ House Without a Key @ Halekulani. Enjoy, relax!

As per Mark’s suggestion of activities I would also include a walk to the Makapu’u lighthouse, possibly the horseback ride at Kualoa Ranch(windward side), if you like gardens visit the Foster Botanical Garden near downtown, and Waikiki aquarium.

Sasabune for sushi. It is an experience like no other. Expensive but the fish is exquisitely fresh and flavorful.

Absolutely! It is tiny and right near the Alamo Rent a car return. I also agree about Side Street Inn…love their poke and loco moco…
Marshall [cheers.gif]

My wife’s family lives in Oahu and she went to high school there and her favorite place to hang out is up in the North Shore area. We had a great time when we went a couple of years ago and loved a place called Haleiwa Joes, a really casual beach style restaurant with some excellent tuna on the menu and fantastic mai tai’s. Drinking a couple of those mai tai’s at lunch and heading to the beach is a great way to spend an afternoon.

if you like shave ice, then i highly recommend Waiola’s. i was in Hawaii last week and went there twice. There are two locations, but i prefer the original one on Waiola. For hawaiian food, we like Ono, which is a small hole in the wall, about 10 minutes from waikiki.