Visiting António Maçanita in Douro

Hi all, am thinking of booking a tasting at the António Maçanita winery in Douro and was wondering if anyone here has visited and could speak to their experience/suggest one of the tour options. I have tasted his wines before so I’m familiar with the style. I read through the descriptions of their many tour offerings and am struggling to pick one. Any insight on which wines you tasted, etc., would be very useful.

If you can secure the visit, DO IT! I went about a month ago and it was one of the best visits I’ve ever had. I used ML Tours and would be happy to link you with Miguel if you want.

Thank you! Do you remember which of their tastings you did or which wines you tasted?

It was a hybrid tasting because Miguel set it up and he’s extremely close with them. Basically I tasted through a ton of the lineup

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I’ve not been to the estate in the Douro but have been to Fita Preta in Alentejo and Azores Wine Company in the Azores. Both had visitor centers. You can make appointments for the type of tasting and tour you want to do.

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We visited in 2022 and the tastings on offer may have been different, but the closest thing to what we did is probably the “from top to bottom” tasting. It was an excellent experience and I definitely recommend visiting!