Visiting Alpha Omega Winery?

I seem to remember,(or did I dream it) that forum members interested in visiting AO Winery were encouraged to deal directly with Jean? Is this correct? Any info how to proceed? Thanks.

Jean is like Candyman. Post his name 3 times and he mysteriously appears.

Jean Hoefliger, Jean Hoefliger, Jean Hoefliger

Beware of the giant Swiss man.

Just PM him directly… great host!

Jean is an awesome host, passionate winemaker… worth reaching out to him…


Absolutely fantastic hospitality, wonderful winery, fantastic wines

Agreed. Jean is a great guy, and AO is tops in Napa tasting visits.

Wow, thank you all I am not that great just compensate the lack of talent in winemaking by great hospitality.

Never mind.


I thought that it was pretty funny that the “candy man” took the time to affirm his congeniality, but didn’t bother to answer the question of the OP.

Didn’t we all say to PM him already?

How about just looking at his posts in this board? Literally, like, two thirds of them are something along the lines of, “Drop me a line, the door is open, we’d love to have you next time you’re in the area!”

Big fan of Jean and AO - family love him well - they’ll be back again this December on their way to meeting us in Paso.

I was going to let this wither on the vine, so to speak, but since it was brought back up today, I’ll put it to rest.

I sent Jean 2 emails before originating this thread, one from the AO web site and one from here. In both, I told him of my participation here and of my interest in visiting. A couple of days went by without any response from Jean. I know that it’s a busy time of year out there so no harm no foul. But then when he responded to his fans here on this thread, I was confused as to why he didn’t address my inquiry. Yesterday afternoon, I did get a response from him, but had already made alternate plans. And that, as Paul Harvey would have said, is the rest of the story. Now it can sleep.

Well, Im a big A O fan. I laughed because I thought you were joking. I am sorry it didnt work out for you.

I laughed with you. I said never mind right after Jean said his strength was with hospitality over wine making.


Michael, emails get overlooked sometimes… seriously… how long are you in Napa for? i’d give AO a chance… it’s can be a good experience if you get an ‘ok’ host, or a magical experience if you get the right host.