Visit of the estate Bürklin-Wolf

Here my impressions of a visit of the estate Bürklin-Wolf in the region Pfalz a month ago. Without any doubt the estate Bürklin-Wolf produced one of the best collections in the german vintage 2008. Based also by the fact that 3-4 Dry Rieslings were among Top 10 of Gault Millau and 08 “Kirchenstück” GC was selected Best Dry Riesling of the vintage. Also Kirchenstück was winner of the “Berlin Riesling Cup” at the beginning of october.

I had the chance to taste with CEO Steffen Brahner the complete dry collection of 08 PC / GC and some impressive aged Rieslings. First, I was deeply impressed by the whole portfolio. There are some dense/fruity-style and also several pure/mineral-style Power Rieslings which I prefer. So, everybody will find his favourite version of Riesling.

BTW, the estate is completely bio-dymamic since 2004.

Entrance Hall

Tasting Table

08 GC Kollektion


09 “Kirchenstück” GC is sleeping…

09 “Kirchenstück” GC

08 Riesling trocken
lovely fruit-acidity-play, fine fruit-creaminess, density…clearly a Riesling from the region Pfalz

08 Ruppertsberg
powerful fruit, fat, a Riesling for fruit-driven fans

08 Wachenheimer
subtle, blossoms&herbs, a certain elegance, well-made

08 Wachenheimer Goldbächel PC
clearly improvement to the previous Rieslings, FINESSE, wonderful perfume, great quality

08 RechBächel PC
dense, fruit-driven, it´s okay

08 Böhling PC
limestone bouquet, freshness&clarity&power, no doubt based on limestone, my style of Riesling, superb

08 Altenberg PC
candy-style dense fruit, charming, not my taste

08 Gerümpel PC
Yes, delicious, but lacks of precision, shaky at the moment

08 Langenmorgen PC
straightforward, freshness&drive, fine minerality, great

08 Hoheburg PC
elegant, no more notes as we had discussions about bio-dynamic

08 Kalkofen GC
very dense fruit, the 01 was rocking a few weeks ago

08 Hohenmorgen GC
wonderful perfume, blossoms, elegant texture, outstanding balance, everything is on the right place

08 Ungeheuer GC
presented for the first time in public, WOW, a real monster-Riesling, quite shy at the moment, no doubt will be an outstanding Riesling

08 Gaisböhl GC
good spiceness

08 Pechstein GC
Breathtaking! Bombastic minerality, salty, neverending depth&length 94pts.

08 Kirchenstück GC
On the same level like Keller G-Max and Abtserde, A masterpiece! 96pts.

98 Pechstein R Auslese
Nectar of the gods! caramell, caramell, caramell, wonderful aged, this wine makes you addicted and such gorgeous balanced on the palate. LECKER

03 Wachenheimer Altenburg
Unbelievable pure&slim for a 03 Rielsing, surprisingly not bold&alcoholic instead mineral-driven with good acidity. A Riesling for stone-wine-drinker. Surprise, surprise, these 03s develop better than I thought

99 Ruppertsberger Hoheburg
Completely madness this wine, you have the feeling that a see-breeze blow in your face, salty minerality, bonedry, Unfortunately we had no oysters, then paradise would be near…

Great note, I could taste some.

CEO Steffen Brahner