Virtual Tasting Series XVIII - WBer Peter Tryba needs a Kidney Transplant - Post a TN in support

This is actually the 20th installment of the VTS and clearly one that touches the wineberserker community. Peter is ITB working as the wine director for a retailer outside of Boston. His kidneys took a grave turn for the worse recently and he needs a kidney transplant asap to stay alive. It sucks but that’s his reality.

How about Berserkers posting a tasting note here on ANY WINE with words of support and encouragement for Peter?

Peter Tryba, pictured here with his 3 1/2 year old daughter, Lily, needs your help. He has suffered from chronic kidney disease (CKD) for the past 13 years. The condition is a result of an autoimmune disease called IgA Nephropathy. His condition has been managed with medications to lower his blood pressure and keep his kidney function stable. Unfortunately, he is now at the end stage of the kidney disease (ESRD) where his kidneys are only functioning at 12%. He will need a kidney transplant from a donor with a matching blood type (A+, A-, O-, O+) within 3-6 months.

Peter is now approved by the transplant center to be a recipient. The next stage is finding a donor and starting the fundraising to cover/defray the costs for said donor and himself. All left-over funds will be paid forward to another person in need of a kidney transplant. Quite a few Berserkers have already donated like, Kenny, David, Bob, Mel, Zack, Dan, and others. If you’d like to help you can do that by clicking on the big “GIVE NOW” button on his donation website below and make a donation in any amount, even anonymously. If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming a kidney donor then PM Peter directly.

Peter Tryba Kidney Transplant Fund

Not many people know this but Peter has written 3 times as many tasting notes as Richard Jennings. Seriously! More than 100,000 tasting notes. He’ll make a trade for a donation of a $100, Peter will post a tasting note for any wine made in the past 20 years and a description of where and when he tasted it. You can choose to have it written by Peter or his alter-ego wine guru Spectonio Tanker, Super Critic! PM Peter or post your request here. Peter, I know you owe people tasting notes already so start posting!

Special thanks to David Bueker for the theme.

I’m completely humbled.
Thank you!

For those who don’t get the reference, I created a “fake” critic for the people who ask me for wine advice and then insist on a numerical rating.

This “professional wine critic” is a combination of The Wine Spectator, Antonio Galloni, Steve Tanzer, and Robert Parker.

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Wishing you all the best.

2007 Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Schlossberg Riesling Spätlese
Still very youthful even from half bottle. Ripe peach, apple skin and slate. On its own it could use some extra acidity, but with spicy Thai curry it worked out well.

I love this website. Best thread, and VTS ever, as any little bit can make a difference.

Carrying the donation link forward. Please click on it.

Popped a 2011 Domaine August Clape Vin des Amis to pair with a grilled steak. Just a simple note: Gamey, floral, herbaceous, crispy red fruits, just a lovely, inexpensive wine. Amazing the quality for all of $20, with on point typicity for Northern Rhone syrah. I could drink this stuff every week, that good. Much better than 2012, slightly behind 2010 and 2009. Has evolved wonderfully since the last one I had over a year ago. Much improved. Year after year, a great QPR.

Wishing you all the best Peter!

Quite aromatic on the nose with warm baking spice elements of cinnamon and clove contrasted against a layer of red berry fruit. On the palate, raspberries and dried red currants are followed by cola spices. There’s a remarkable earthy, Mexican basil element draped across the mid-palate as well that gives it a great deal of depth and interest. Overall, an impressive effort with bright acidity and great weight on the palate. May be at the peak of its maturity, but should hold for several more years. (93 pts.)

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On the nose, bright red berry fruit and pepper spice. On the palate, crunchy red fruits reminiscent of red currants followed by rhubarb, dried green herbs and pepper spices. Over time the wine gained some greater depth and took on some darker cherry elements. There’s vibrant acidity here and firmness on the palate. Overall a fine Burgundy that’s still quite fresh and youthful on the palate. (91 pts.)

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  • NV Bedrock Wine Co. Sherman & Hooker’s Shebang! Cuvee II - USA, California, North Coast (3/26/2014)
    Nice nose of green apple, honey and chalk. Creamy palate with apple, pear, honey and tangy acidity. Finishes leaner than the palate with acidity hanging on with some wet stones. Great value for a sub-$10 wine.

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FWIW, this thread pulled me out of a wine hiatus. Sadly, I only lasted 2 days off! :wink:

2013 Liquid Farm Mourvedre Rosé Vogelzang - USA, California, Central Coast, Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara (3/26/2014)
Fresh off the truck! Pale salmon pink in color. Nose is a bit muted, but some vague floral and mineral notes. On the palate, bright yellow peach and melon fruit notes really jump out and the fruit lingers on the palate. Balanced acidity and a soft, lingering finish. Very nice. 95% Mourvedre & 5% Grenache.

Don’t have a wine note to post, as I’ve been stuck in the office the last few days, but this diet coke is losing its cabonation and could use some more ice.

donated and hope for the best for you peter. Peter Tryba Kidney Transplant Fund

A bunch of us South Shore (of Boston) guys (and wives) got together for Paloma-Palooza. A loose vertical of the Spring Mountain Merlot producer mostly known for having their 2001 Merlot selected as Wine Spectator’s Wine Of The Year.
In short:
Flight 1
1995 Rocking - had all of the goods - can drink or hold. Winner Flight 1
1996 Packed and stacked - hold, unless you have to consume now - which seems to be the 1996 Napa BDX varietal mantra.
1997 Maturing faster than the “experts” said it would. Very nice. Drink up now, though, and do not wait.
1998 Subtle and soft, but all there, if on a slighter scale. Drink.
Flight 2
2001 Ever the winner. Just lofts above everything else. Worth the hype. Crazy good. Winner Flight 2 and WOTN. Drink or hold.
2002 Packed, but overly plummy. Good, but this is just not my favorite Napa vintage. Drink or hold.
2004 Impressive and still youthful, but will it be as good as the 2001 or 1995 in time? Not sure. Drink or hold.
2007 A bit like the 1998 in that it is slight, though somewhat less unified. Good for sure, but the only wine to get zero votes.

More notes likely to come in a separate thread from Steve Steinbergher and Michael Malinoski. Big thanks to Scott Boyer (wine buyer at Solstice Restaurant in Kingston, MA) for cooking a most amazing meal - over which he slaved beginning at 7am two weeks ago on Saturday.

Can’t think of a better place to post this - Just brought home a baker’s dozen from Kermit Lynch and this was popped immediately. I’m 100 points on this.

  • 2012 Château d’Epiré Anjou Clos de la Cerisaie - France, Loire Valley, Anjou-Saumur, Anjou (3/26/2014)
    Didn’t pay too much attention to the nose as this was glugged down pretty quickly by everyone. But nice dark robe and cherry and herbs on the palate. Simple, satisfying and rates Very Good.

Wow. Best of luck Peter! Sorry for the news and here’s wishing you the best. I don’t even post tasting notes but I’ll do it for the cause.

2011 John Duval Plexus - Pretty wonderful stuff. Some tar and a bit of earth on the nose, same on palate. Not jammy at all, not over the top, just clean fruit and a finish of sour plums and blackberries. Tarry throughout and slightly tannic on the finish but more acidic than tannic. The tannins just add a bit of dryness. Not medicinal or hot at all. Really good job. 92

2000 Cotz Pinceszet 6 P Tokaji Aszú Surprisingly good. Thought it was a second-tier producer but should have paid more attention over the years. At nearly 14 years, the wine retains great acidity and life. Not syrupy and sweet like the Sauternes the other night, and crisp all the way through. Not oxidizing either, which is refreshing. Actually a really good aszú and worth examining more closely next trip.

Best of luck Peter. I think I should open something special for you so I raided my sweetie cellar!

TN: 2005 Pisano EtXe Oneko Beltza Likore, Urugay.

Cellared 3 yrs, 17.5% alc, $31 Cdn, 375 ml.
Very dark velvety color. Nose is still so complex…figs, cocoa, nutty, “cherry liquer” from across the table.
Initial entry is sweet tannins, fortfied, port like for sure. Some chocolate, spice, hint of pepper, lengthy finish. Only had one glass so far but cheers Peter.

Thanks, everyone!
The head transplant doctor asked me to act like a “high priest” when it came to drinking, so I’ll be a Catholic one and only have a sip at a time :wink:

Faustino I 2001 Rioja Gran Reserva
I was pretty excited to open this Decanter mag “Wine of the Year, 2013” for the staff and they loved it. Shame it was corked.

Uh, Peter. Try something else. Don’t stick with a corked wine! Bad omen!

Sorry for the drift, but I’m trying to make a donation and the site says they cannot verify my cc. When I tried another card it says the transaction was declined. Anyone else having this issue?

Wishing you the best of luck Peter.

2010 Lodaili Barbaresco - Daily drinker type of wine… had a italian joint. PnP. flower, roses, with cherry fruit. young and tannic. food friendly.

Get well Peter… All the best!

Hey Ryan, long time!

I just donated using a visa, not my paypal account, and it worked.

If you’re using your paypal then you need to make sure the card on file with PayPal is current.