VIRAGE Napa Valley - Right Bank Built to Age - RAID MY LIBRARY @25-35% discount +375's!

My 6th BDay!! Welcome to a cooler corner of Napa Valley. Right-Bank Bordeaux Style blends from optimally-ripened fruit in volcanic soils, aging brilliantly. Time is proving the concept! Depth and complexity from the fruit, not heavy oak. These are rich, dense wines, balanced by natural acidity retained in a cooler, slower ripening environment–from Carneros hillsides bathed in bay breezes and the top of Atlas Peak basking in cool sunshine. Slow maturation permits even ripening of flavors, tannins, and aromatics–without high sugar levels (creating high alcohol). And now with age developing lush texture, weight and finish. OMG.

I am allocating 10 cases of 2007 (phenomenal wine), 5 cases of 2008 (THE VERY LAST BOTTLES of this Berserker fave!!), and 2010-2012’s. YOU CHOOSE. They all share familial qualities: rich black and bright red stone fruit, anise, gravel and graphite, dark chocolate, espresso. Always a signature smooth, 1000-thread count tannin structure, no biting your cheeks! The oak program is not more than 50% new barrels, 100% French.

Beserkers have been so good to Virage; every BDay refreshes my passion for sharing at the table. You trust what I bundle up, you send awesome notes, you introduce Virage to friends. THIS BDAY: bundles are YOUR CHOICE! Grab a few, steal a case, stock up on favorites, try something new, go red, go rose, mix it up. They’re all delicious.


Shop at Virage Napa Valley

25% off any 4-PAK

30% off any 6-PAK

33.33% and free shipping on any 12
I can’t resist: Here are TWO pre-set ONE-CLICK BUNDLES

  • 12PAK VERTICAL of reds, 35% discount(!), great price, N/C shipping
    2x750ml bottles each 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2012Barrel Select
    Wines all rated WE91-WE94
    Press: Virage Pro Reviews
    Lots of TN’s on CellarTracker and WB.
    One-Click to Order: BD12PAK $591.50

  • The Crazy Popular 6PAK of Dry Rose’ of Cabernet Franc, $18ea
    This vintage rose’ is a bit riper than last (very minerally, delicate); now it’s peaches and cream, slippery smooth
    One-Click to Order:BD6ROSE $108
    THAT’s 1/3 off!! But these 6-paks create addicts…

ADDED OFFER: 375ML BABIES!! SO cute… Handy for lunch, first course, movies with a straw…
2010 and 2011 Red Blends 35% off ($19.50ea) 2008 Red Blend 50% off ($15.00ea)
2016 Rose’ 375’s 35% off ($9.10ea)
12-BOTTLE MINIMUM PLEASE: ADD TO CART will give you Format option of 375’s
SHIPPING NOTE: Berserkers who have purchased from me before know I’m a maniac on shipping details. I do NOT want your wine to pass through heat nor cold, sleet nor snow, though can’t avoid dark of night. But my nightmare: an afternoon trundling about on the local delivery truck if you happen to miss your driver. I will strong-arm you to ship to a business address, or please let me ship to “Hold at Location” for you at your closest FedEx office where wines wait for you 5 days in temp-controlled comfort. It’s a hassle, I know, to drive the Ferrari to the FedEx, but it’s worth it so the wines taste their best!

GRATITUDE to Todd and Brig, and to Paul Hiyake for hooking me up with Berserkers and Falltacular long ago. 10 Years is quite a milestone. CONGRATULATIONS to all–the wineries, the collectors, the newbies, the lurkers, for sustaining the special vibe of this group–the laughs, the wine and life insights, the snark, the fun that makes Wine Berserkers unique in the wine world. You all LOVE wine, you all UNDERSTAND wine (or try to), all without pretense or BS (ok, most of the time). I love you all.

Lemme tell you…they ARE built to age!!! I had an '10 back in June and it was awesome!

Trying to buy the case, can’t get coupon code to work…says "Coupon code “BDCASE” is not valid.

I ordered the six-pack of rose - I also couldn’t get the coupon code to work, but figure that it will all get sorted out in the end.

Ack!! Winemakers make bad programmers!! All codes working now - SO SORRY!!!

Alex, apologies!!! Don’t give up on me. I spaced last night put the discount code for buyer-selected 12PAK on my vertical case, code is now corrected BD12PAK and it works!!! blush

Killer deal. Thanks for your patience!!

Bryce, I’m gonna refund you the difference. Off to a messy start but indeed will all get sorted!

If I didn’t already have so much Virage in the cellar I’d be all over this - killer wine and great deals - sorry Emily, Allison and I just aren’t drinking fast enough. :slight_smile:

Ordered me some Rose for Precious :slight_smile:

Awesome, thx Emily!!!

In for a little 4-pack vertical!

In for some 2007. Nice wine!

Hi Emily: In for the Rose----I think! I did not get an acknowledgment. Could you check for me please? Thanks, Carlton

Thank you Peter! I so love repeat orders, warms my winter heart :slight_smile: [cheers.gif]

Thanks Mike [cheers.gif]

It’s pretty wonderful to feel the trust of new folks, too!!!

Cheers all, glad I signed up for BB to be live on Preview Day, and workin’ out the bugs in my coding…

In for a little 4 vintage vertical.

Kevin, order didn’t come through!! Please try again, should be super easy, want you to get the preview day order, price going to $120 tomorrow. Should just click the link and checkout and your account already setup from last year!!



Quick question - if I get a 6-pack of rose plus 6 more bottles how does the discount and shipping cost work?

Can’t wait to compare the 2010 to the 07 and 08s!

In for a 6-pack. I always say I’m going to sit on some of these and let them age, then end up drinking them by the summer.