Violin Pinot Noir--Eola-Amity Hills for BD11

Thanks again for including Violin in your viewing on Berserker Day 11. I have added an auction Mag of 2015 Clos des Oiseaux to help this wonderful collaboration continue its mission. Cheers and happy hunting!

BD 11 Special Offer

Out with the old, in with the new. Two vintages of Eola-Amity Hills Pinot Noir

Due to limited quantity of the 2016 Eola-Amity Bottling, please call or email Will directly for your order, or post a reply. I plan to email invoices individually per customer in order to ensure not overselling this wine (approx. 140 bottles left).


Both of these wines are blended from four total barrels, 100% Eola-Amity Hills Pinot Noir. The designation of Polk County in 2017 was a way to highlight the Southern portion of the AVA, an area I find has unique/distinctive qualities for Pinot Noir not only in the Willamette Valley, but also within this appellation. Retail pricing on these wines is $40, and although not as expensive as my vineyard designates, on a personal level I often consider them my best effort of the vintage.

2016 Eola-Amity: 50% Sojourner Vineyard, 50% Sylvia’s Vineyard

’16 was the earliest vintage we have seen in the Willamette. Despite the heat at picking (Sylvia’s in late August, Sojo on 9-10), the freshness of the fruit has defied my expectations and remained quite fresh. No question the tone of this wine is also savory, but the sinewy nature of the palate and crispness of the finish suggests a long life ahead. Both lots were fermented with around 15% Whole Cluster, and saw around 20 days on skins. After a 15 month barrel aging, the wine spent a month in tank before bottling in late January. Two years in bottle has had the effect of rounding its edges without taking away the focus and freshness of the flavors or finish. Great balance overall. 13.4% Alcohol.

2017 Eola-Amity—Polk County Cuvée: 40% Sojourner, 35% Justice, 25% Prophet

’17 would be considered a warmer vintage until September gave us light rains to taper the start closer to the last week—almost “normal”. My Pinots from the vintage have a medium to light body with firm and framing structure—-certainly powerful but also more classic Oregon in their fruit profile. Justice and Sojourner are bottled individually, but together build a wine that captures the best of both structures—-Justice with more concentration and build, Sojo with luxurious and supple curve and extensive, mineral-driven length. The matrix of the wine is filled in with the new young vines from Prophet (just across Bethel Heights Road from Temperance Hill Vineyard—a 10 clone mix on 7 acres with a Western aspect), offering a lovely perfume but mild tannin, which eased back the wine and added a nice pop of fruit. Lots of tension and complexity in this one, bottled one year ago this week. 13.3% alcohol

Shipping Included in Pricing—Timing TBD for some areas in US


3 Bottles 16 Eola-Amity Hills
3 Bottles 17 Polk County Cuvée

Full Case

6 Bottles 16 Eola-Amity Hills
6 Bottles 17 Polk County Cuvée

Thanks again for your support and supporting craft producers around the country!


Had the privilege to try both these wines when tasting with Will in Nov! Great value here and a driven, focused yet humble guy who knows what he doing and where he is headed. His personality shines through in these wines - a fan of Walter Scott - these are different but similar. Do not hesitate to get on board and follow. I was hoping to see the 18 Chard - we were fortunate enough to sample from tank it will be special!

Is there a chardonnay made by chance? or just not offered?

These are delicious wines from one of the best under the radar winemakers in the Willamette Valley. A don’t miss, and someone I definitely make sure to trade wines with every year(every job has it’s perks [cheers.gif] )

Mark, I bottled my first chardonnays on Friday. Release dates TBD for mailing list and local wholesale.

Will - Always enjoy your wines. Please count me in for the mixed case. Thanks!

Will, A 6 pack please. I’ll email you too.

Really looking forward to trying your wines!

Rich T

Thanks Jeff. One with your name on it.

I can email over an invoice, just send me details by email or as a reply with preferred shipping.



Thanks for the support Rich. Yes, just drop me an email with shipping details and I can send you over an invoice etc.

Have a great BD day!



Since I told you about Berserker Day, I guess I need to order some - I’ll email you for a 6 pack!

Hello Jeff and Will. I’ll take a mixed case as well. Thanks.


The black chicken crew!! Thanks James I’ll drop you an email!


Sixer with your name Diana! Many thanks, and for encouraging!

I’ll be in touch


Emailed for a 6, thanks for the great offer!

Got it Chris thank you!


Stoked for this, and not just because I played the violin as a kid.

E-mail sent. Thanks!

Got it Chris, thank you!


“Curtis” sorry about that!

No sweat! Greatly looking forward to trying your wines!

In for a six pack! Email sent. I’m looking forward to trying your wines!