VINTAGE SPECIFIC Wined You've Bought (Fairly Recently) in Industrial Quantities at Close to Regular Pricing

As per title. Not wines at crazy cheap prices on close out. In the last 5 years or thereabouts. Wines that you absolutely adore and want to spend time with often and for a long time. ‘True love’ wines if you like. flirtysmile

Edit: particular vintages not repeat buys every vintage.

Eg. 2019 Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr spatlese

About once a year I will pick up a small stash of NV Roederer Estate, the mass produced CA sparkly. I never really see it get ‘closed out’ but if a high turnover retailer has it in the high teens prices, and if there is space at home, it works for us. I guess I’m fortunate that I don’t get much incremental enjoyment out of the more costlier true Champagne AOC

Elyse Cabernet Sauvignon
Dönnhoff Riesling
Moussé Fils Champagne
Josef Walter Spätburgunder
Olga Raffault Chinon
Martin Müllen Riesling
Jean Foillard
Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco
Domaine du Cayron Gigondas

Never. Sorry.

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Hudelot Noellat Bourgone Rouge
Bedrock OVZ
Chartogne Tallet Cuvee St Anne

Franny Beck Blue Label
HN BR (thanks to Michael turning me on to them)
Dönnhoff QbA

Out of curiosity, what do you mean by “industrial quantities”?

Maybe 2 dozen or more.

One thing I forgot to say was I meant particular vintages, not just wines you buy each vintage without giving it a second thought.

Thanks for all the answers so far. Very interesting!

I have one but it’s pretty much every vintage so… [oops.gif]

Krug 08?

Roederer Col. 242 this year
Bereche Brut Reserve last year

“One thing I forgot to say was I meant particular vintages, not just wines you buy each vintage without giving it a second thought.”

No such thing.

Most I’ve bought in quantity recently is Halcon since there won’t be any more. Other than that, I don’t need any wine at all so I buy a bottle or so. Trying to reduce my wine hoard.

242 is a good one.

Well, the vineyard is not going anywhere…

Maybe I read this wrong; are you saying that there is no wine that you buy regularly regardless of vintage?
I do buy certain bottlings by certain producers regardless of vintage and, if you meant that you won’t, I’m curious as to why?
Best, Jim

Beringer Winery Exclusive Cabernet 2016, when on sale at $35. I find it fantastic for the price and they really killed it this vintage for this bottling. 2017 is only ok, hoping 2018 is a killer too.

I, also, buy, or at least used to buy (I’m getting too old for recent vintages of some wine) certain wines in every vintage because I thought highly of the producers and was interested in what they did with each vintage more than I, any longer, cared about only getting the best vintages. But not everyone agrees with us, I find.

Walter Scott WV Chardonnay
Goodfellow WV Chardonnay

These are both no-brainers. Excellent, high quality chardonnay at very reasonable prices.

I got multiple cases of 17 and 19 hn br

I got a case each of the fb blue label and the other label they made as well to try