Vinquire vs. Wine Searcher

yes, when you search for a particular wine with whatever parameters you chose and the search comes up blank, there is a tan colored “memo box” towards the bottom of the screen. Type in a memo and when a wine comes in that meets those parameters they will send you an email. This is how I have found great deals like 04 montrose for $39 and 07 Vieux Telegraphe for $44.

Tyler - Thanks for filling us in on that function. I was not aware and will begin using it.

I personally just re-upped for another year of WS Pro, even at the new price. I find that I saving far outweigh the costs, assuming you buy wine on the internet.

Thanks guys. It’s obvious that Wine-Searcher has a set of more comprehensive tools for the serious collector, however after playing with both I have a feeling that Vinquire will do well with the average consumer, as it seems to be more newb friendly. After more research, it looks like Vinquire is spending a lot of time/money on Google SEO and AdWords, which is probably why they have suddenly become more active. It will be interesting to watch and see if they become a larger player with time.

Now see, we were all getting along so well until you had to go and call me “the average consumer” for liking Vinquire better. That sorta stings. neener

Chad - absolutely no disrespect meant. I was talking about the market in general terms, and depending on who you talk to, the “average consumer” is often the more attractive market segment. [wink.gif]

If my wife found out that I paid for a site subscription (WS Pro) that would help me buy more wine…yikes.

Tried a trial search on both. Four results from W-S, none from Vinquire. Maybe it’s a matter of W-S not updating, but then again, maybe not . . . . I’d be surprised if all four results from W-S are dry. In addition, my trial search was for a wine which I picked up within the past couple of weeks (2 bottles, which was all WHWC had in stock), and the W-S result no longer has the WHWC listed (so obviously updated). That’s enough for me. Plus I’m not wild about the Vinquire layout (that’s just me).

Have been with WS since 2003 and I’m very happy with them. Did a search on WS for a wine I love for any vintage and nothing special came out.

Never heard of vinquire but did a search for the same wine and a FANTASTIC deal came out. I immediately ordered a case. I then called the store to make sure that they have the wine. I was told that it is not yet in stock, but they will have it next Tuesday. Once I know that I’ve secured my case I will post the deal in this forum.

So yeah, I have bookmarked vinquire. If my case comes through, they’ve already saved me hundreds of dollars.

Tyler - Thanks for explaining how to do this. I have decided to renew my WS Pro membership especially since I can set up price alert emails like you described above. I wish I could find the 04 Montrose for $39.00.

I didn’t even know the price went up, but I renewed at the end of February. To me, I have saved the $30 on a single bottle, so to me, it makes sense. I think I have been a suscriber for 4 years now. Worth even penny in my book. -mJ