Vinous AG Barbaresco report - La Ca’Nova 2019 on top

La Ca’Nova Barbaresco Montefico 2019; Montestefano 2019

Galloni new Barbaresco report -

La Ca’Nova 2019 on top :1st_place_medal:
Great Barbaresco and no surprise. Love the wines, Congrats Marco :wine_glass:


These wines really are great. Happy to be sitting on a case of the '15s and two cases of the '16s. Looks like it’s time to load up on the '19s!

Glad to hear they did so well, I hope the price doesn’t start creeping up.:crossed_fingers:

Found some 2019s this morning, $55 for each Cru. A decent bump from previous years, but still a great value in the scheme of things.

They have become a yearly purchase for me. Hopefully the prices stays reasonable.

Yow. Hefty increase. I paid $35 for 2015 and $39 for 2017 Crus.

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One would have to be an optimist to expect that. I remember not that long ago when Burlotto Monvigliero was quite affordable – in the pre-100 Galloni points era.

All the retailers on WB…maybe one should do a special Berserkers-only offer on these, just sayin


Is ‘19 strong in general for Piedmont? All I’ve heard about the last few vintages (17/18) was ‘hot’

Just when I was finishing up on 2016 purchase ‘mop up’, with no plans to pursue 17 or 18 vintages, the 2019s have started appearing!

The early returns are that it is a classic, high quality vintage. And it’s probably one I’d like to pursue strategically.

Someone (Walter Speller? Greg dal Piaz?) wrote recently that there were a surprising number of excellent '18s.

……/sigh. My only “beef” on that was that I didn’t buy enough Burlotto before the hundo went up.

La Ca Nova will almost certainly be over $100 a bottle before the end of the decade. IMO, Barbaresco producers have been greatly overlooked and it’s not like they’re producing a sea of Nebb. This is easily one of those producers to buy up as much as possible and at worse, you’ll have beautiful aged Barbaresco down the line and at best, you’ll have a sought after wine down the line.

I’ll be a bit of a contrarian here. I’ve tasted through the 2015s (Montefico, Montestefano, classico) and thought they were all good but not great barbaresco. I’ve had the 2016 Montefico and classico and found them both incredibly tannic and hard to enjoy or assess. (I drink plenty of young nebbiolo and enjoy them just fine… the tannins here were over the top.)

I bought a bunch of 2016 on reputation alone and will certainly try them again and hope they reach their reported potential. But I won’t be buying younger vintages of La Ca Nova, at least to cellar. Too much other amazing wine out there. This was certainly a lesson for me to taste before buying on reputation alone…

Some barbaresco that I’ve tried recently that I think is honestly much better: Ada Nada, Ca’ del Baio (Asili), and Silvio Giamello.

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I have a feeling someone could move a lot of this wine, very quickly, with an offer like that…

I love the Ca del Baio, but remember it being much more expensive…

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I also have a feeling that they don’t need to offer up 10-20% discounts to move the wines that they don’t get big allocations of


You’re right, looking back the Ca del Baio Asili is around $50+. They have lower tier Barbaresco offerings too. But to some degree if La Ca’ Nova is increasing in price further that price difference disappears, and honestly a $10 difference doesn’t drive my purchases so much.

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I agree - I was thinking of the Asili Riserva which used to trade for around $75 but looks like it’s over $100 now

Who else was in the report? La Ca’Nova topped Roagna, Gaja, Cortese riserva, Produttori riservas, Olek, Giacosa etc.? Or should this score be interpreted as a statement score to just lift pricing up for the winery (which I was agree was very low at $30 or so).

I fear this is indeed going to signal a move from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Good solid (somewhat rugged) wines, very reasonably priced, becoming cult favourites at crazy prices.

No blame attached to the winery, they seemed especially down to earth when we visited them. Just the sheep-like following of wine critics.