Vino-Lok Glass Closures

Hi, All:

We made the decision to bottle all of our ultra premium wines under glass, beginning with our 2007 Pinot. Now I’m having trouble sourcing 375ml glass for our 2009 dessert riesling. The 375ml bordeaux split is readily available, but I’m not about to use that for my riesling. [beee.gif]

I spoke to Encore, and they’re willing to order in from Deutchland for the next vintage, but obviously with economies of scale it’d be less costly if I’m not the only one ordering.

I’ll be asking around up here to see if my colleagues want to join in, but I thought I’d post here too to see if any of you are bottling under glass and have a need for vino-lok 375ml flutes?

Feel free to PM me if so.


Jacki - I don’t want to have the thread drift, but how do you make the riesling? Do you let it hang or do you make a Cuvee Frigidaire?

Maybe Peter Rosback @ Sineann would be able to give you some info, He uses the glass enclosures


We may indeed make a true late harvest riesling in a future vintage, but as you know 2008 was a real challenge weather-wise, so this one is a Cuvee Frigidaire. We’ll use the late harvest designation only if we truly let 'em hang (I’ll bet there’s an appropriate emoticon out there somewhere), so it’ll be clear to the end consumer. We’re also jumping on the IRF riesling taste scale bandwagon.

In fact, I have my graphic design hat on today, working on those labels.

Thanks, yes Peter has helped us out before. We crush at 12th and Maple in Dundee, and their bottling line is not set up to accommodate glass closures. Peter, who is a helluva nice guy, let us share his bottling line for our small run of 2007 Pinot.

I know he uses the 375ml bordeaux split, but I just don’t feel comfortable with the look for our dessert riesling.

Jacki- other than your preferred split, how has Encore’s mold selection and availability been with the VinoLoks?

When I first became intrigued with them maybe 5 years ago, there wasn’t a heck of a lot to choose from. I assume they rectified that.

Good choice. A closure that I think has great potential.

Actually, I don’t really know. I source my glass from Frontier Packaging up here in McMinnville. Local, and spectacular customer service. I have been able to get the standard burgundy and flute bottles from them, and of course screw-cap bottles for our table wines. Unfortunately, they are small enough they can’t logistically or economically order smallish quantities of the vino-seal 375ml flute from Germany. So I called Encore just for that bottle and they don’t stock it either. Dang it.

There’s definitely more variety in the molds in Germany, but we just don’t seem to be able to easily get them here. It’s a shame, really, because I love, love, love the glass closure. Sexy, easy to open, easy to reclose, at least anecdotally performing well over time. What’s not to love? [shrug.gif]

Would you consider placing a call to Sinskey? They use Vin-Lok on 375 riesling bottles I believe.

Yes, absolutely! Thank you, I’ll phone them tomorrow.

I love them too! I carry one with me at all times.