- Interactive wine map with wine scores of 12500 wineries in 43 countries

Do you enjoy visiting wineries and vineyards?

I am building a new interactive wine map called Vinimap (, which lets you discover nearby wineries by comparing wine critic scores. I just released the second version which includes wineries and wine reviews from 37 new countries, making a grand total of 43 countries and over 12500 wineries! :earth_africa::wine_glass:

These are the latest additions:

:us: :mexico: :canada: :argentina: :chile: :bolivia: :brazil: :uruguay: :south_africa: :australia: :new_zealand: :georgia: :armenia: :greece: :tr: :switzerland: :uk: :netherlands: :morocco: :cn: :tunisia: :israel: :lebanon: :cyprus: :moldova: :romania: :bulgaria: :albania: :macedonia: :serbia: :kosovo: :hungary: :croatia: :bosnia_herzegovina: :czech_republic: :slovenia::luxembourg:

In the next version I’m planning to add descriptions, photos, opening times, categories, varietals, appellations and designations.

I hope this is something of interest to this community. Feel free to let me know in case you have any additional suggestions on things to include in the next release!

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Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!