Vinfusion Robot blends to your taste

It started with the guys trying to recreate '72 Montelena Chard in their lab, then the techies with the pairing algorithms, and now a robot that blends to your taste profile. You can’t believe this guys sycophantic writing…he says the wine sucks then comes back “but you can’t question the fundamental soundness of the project”.

I was reading Remington’s Norman’s book on the Rhones the other day, and there was a snippet in there about one of the California Rhone Rangers (I can’t remember which producer it was). Apparently way back then, he couldn’t / didn’t have access to a consultant or laboratory so he just took a case of the 85 Cayron Gigondas and when settling on his final blend just kept mixing til it tasted like the Rhone, which he viewed as the archetype of what he wanted to make.

Apparently lots of trial and error!

My guess is that this still happens, but perhaps more often with cult Napa cabs? Cheers!