Vineyard Collaborators - Good Insect Police Force

Every year we have leaf hoppers in the vineyard. Two cultural practices we perform and get better at knock the numbers down. First in Spring and early Summer we keep the weeds down with a Fischer Twister a noncultivating tractor implement. The second is trying to keep the canopy open with good airflow. Both of these are easier said than done because rain and sun cycles makes everything grown pretty quickly. That said we are in pretty good shape this year with respect to both of those practices. Even so leaf hoppers are around and we keep a watchful eye of the population to make sure they’re in check. This year more than any other we have noticed an expanded population of robber flies over other years. As we shoot thin we noticed that the robber flies often have insect prey in their mouths including many leaf hoppers. They are clearly running a surveillance on bad bugs in the vineyard and working on our behalf to keep them in check. Shown below is a robber fly with a captured leaf hopper. This is a pretty common sight these days but by the time we pull our phone cameras out they have moved on. Glad to see them in the vineyard.


Very cool!

Thanks for your posts on this. I find it fascinating and really informative about all the work that goes into being a grape farmer :wine_glass: :cheers:

I’d love to visit your part of the wine growing world someday, I’m sure it would be an eye opening experience!

Please do when you have the chance.