Vineyard and Winemaker Combos You'd Love To See

Recent visit to Napa/Sonoma and recent threads got me thinking about this. Everyone has vineyards and winemakers that are their favourites. So what combinations that don’t currently exist would you love to see happen?

I’ll start with Mike Officer and Morgan Twain-Peterson working with Old Hill and Black Sears.

Ted Lemon and Rochioli Vineyard pinot …

DRC with Musigny or Amoureuses.

Thierry Brouin with Clos de Tart
Roulot with Corton Charlemagne
Willi Schaefer with Urziger Wuerzgarten

Sorry Alan, but the line forms behind Francois Bertheau and Ghislaine Barthod. Not to mention, the INAO trust busters know DRC has enough treasures in its portfolio already… neener

Jean-Marie Fourrier >> Clos de Tart

give Denis Bachelet some more grand cru vineyards.

Alvaro Palacios with James Berry and/or White Hawk.

John Thomas & any good+ Chardonnay vineyard

Clark Smith…Latour
Barry Gnekow…Martha s Vineyard
Bob Lindquist…La Mouline
Bruno d Alfonso…Sea Smoke
Dave Ramey…Meursault Genevrieres
Helen Turley…La Tache
Susan Lueker, Chablis Les Clos
Jim Clendenen …Eyrie or Adelsheim grapes
Randall Grahm…Madiran
Fred Scherrer…Lytton Springs

Some Thomas Haag Wehlener Sonnenuhr I’m sure would be nice.

[smileyvault-ban.gif] Ouch. Mel, you’re bad!

JM Fourrier Chambertin (his own vines, not negoce)
Rousseau Griotte (ditto)

DRC and Domaine Serene [wink.gif]

Rosanna Antoniolo with Inferno in Valtellina. [cheers.gif]

The SQN guy and La Romanee Conti so we can have 1500 page thread.

Kevin Harvey and Rochioli West Block

Thomas Rivers Brown and Larkmead…oh wait a minute.

Lalou Bize-Leroy at Hoffman Mountain Ranch Vineyard in SLO

Mike Officer and Brosseau Vineyard syrah