Vineyard 29 - how is it?

Looking for some thoughts on the wines from Vineyard 29… Anyone a fan?

Expensive is what comes to mind.

I’ve got a couple of bottles of the 06 ‘Cru’… They run about $50. I’ll pop one this weekend and see if it’s worth it.

I have some '01 and '02 in my cellar. Waiting to pop them.

I believe they make the world’s most expensive Zinfandel. I hear it is very good.

Fortunately, the source vines are only 35 years old. (If they were 55 years old, I’d have to spring for it).

The Cru might be worth it at that price. The Estate big boy is definitely pricey and the zins seem overly aggressive.

The actual place is a Vegas meets Napa meets Get Smart kind of pastiche when you get to the gates. Zin is very good as is the crazy priced Sav Blanc.

I like the wines, but I’m not a fan of their pricing methodology.

Their big boy cab is top notch, same goes for their SB.

Saw it in a store the other day. I think it was close to $80~ headbang

I’m curious… What do you mean by their pricing methodology? All “top notch” Napa Cabs are pricey. Some much more then others. What makes these guys stand out in that realm?

Yeah, i think the Sauv Blanc was well north of $100 on release…

Benchmark has it for $50" onclick=";return false;

I have a couple friends who are on the list, and seem to like them. I’ve only tasted a couple: a '95 Cabernet Grace Family Vineyard, made by Heidi Barrett, which had nice plush fruit, but with the oak still showing prominently after over a decade in the bottle; and the very chocolatey '04 Cru, which I rated 90+ pts.

Richard…I think that the cuttings came from the Grace Family Vineyards…not the actual juice.

That is a descriptor that is right up my alley for Napa Cab… Going to pop the 06 Cru shortly and see what I think…

I have had it a number of occasions and I own a bunch.

the Cru is NOT worth $50. I gave it a bad review a year ago on Cellartracker, I have since stopped scoring wines , but I gave it an 87 back then. I think it was just too young.

The 2005 V29 is excellent, and will age very gracefully in my opinion.

I have some Aida , but haven’t tried any of it yet.

I do think its pricey and for that reason , I passed on the current Aida offering. I am just hell bent on lowering my Cab purchases , especially in that price range. I did really enjoy it and its top notch, but damn you will pay for it and I have even found 05’s at BELOW RELEASE price out there at numerous locations.

I would say to me, the closest comparsion in taste is 2004 or 2005 Lokoya Mt. Veeder… very silky , smooth, long finish, you can tell this will age very well.

But for the price, I would probably buy a Maybach and Kobalt for about the price of 1 V29.

I resent that they yanked up some pretty fine Petit Sirah to plant Cab and cabbaged one of the coolest labels.


I’d buy Maybach in a second… if I was offered some… [cry.gif]

ok - so I don’t know about each person’s personal style preferences but right out of the bottle, this 06 Cru is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s

It sorta reminds me of the Foley cabs from Switchback Ridge…

SB for almost $100, that is a bit much for me. In regards to their estate cab at over $200, they are good, but they’re not HSS/Araujo good.


$100 for a Sav Blanc? yes… that’s a little silly…