Vincent Wine Company - BerserkerDay Madness

Vincent Wine Company is delighted to participate yet again in BerserkerDay. As usual, we’re offering a limited number of 3-packs of our small production and nearly sold out wines. To order, simply reply to this thread on BerserkerDay, or send an email or PM, and Vincent will follow up to process the transaction. Orders will be fulfilled in the order received.

The Vincent special offer for BerserkerDay:

Get three of our 2012 wines, a $101 retail value, for just $79, including ground shipping (lower 48 states).

This offer is limited to just 12 3-packs - we can’t afford to sell much wine this cheap, and these wines are all either sold out or nearly sold out anyway.

You get one bottle each of three wines:
2012 Vincent Chardonnay Willamette Valley - $23 retail
2012 Vincent Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard - $39 retail
2012 Vincent Pinot Noir Crowley Station Vineyard - $39 retail

The 2012 Vincent Chardonnay Willamette Valley is our first commercially available white wine (yes, we have made white wine before…). Why Chardonnay? Because it’s the white counterpart in Burgundy to the red Pinot Noir. Because it grows exceptionally well in the Willamette Valley. And because people somehow lost track of Chardonnay locally, focusing instead on Pinot Gris, when I think Chardonnay makes out most interesting and delicious white wine. Oaky, buttery Chardonnay this is NOT. Instead, grapes from a vineyard in the Amity Hills gently pressed, the juice settled for a few days and then put into two old French oak barrels where it fermented naturally into wine (no added yeast). The wine has stayed in barrel untouched, went through malolactic fermentation naturally and will be bottled next month, unfiltered like all of our wines. It’s pale gold in color, sparkling, with a honeyed apple aroma and flavor, soft but not fat or sweet, just lovely and versatile Oregon white wine. Don’t miss trying this wine, though with so little there isn’t much to go around. Note: this wine is unfiltered – sediment in wine is harmless and a natural result of not filtering.

The 2012 Vincent Pinot Noir Armstrong Vineyard is our top selection from this excellent Ribbon Ridge vineyard, owned by friends Doug and Michele Ackerman. Yet again the blend is two barrels, one from the 115 block lower in the vineyard and one from the 667 block higher up. This year both lots of wine had exceptional power, with the 667 providing a more high toned, floral element. The final blend shows spicy aromatics and with plum flavors, classic Ribbon Ridge area characteristics. I think it’s our best Armstrong bottling yet.

The 2012 Vincent Pinot Noir Crowley Station Vineyard is our newest vineyard designate, from a chilly site on the west slopes of the Eola Hills directly exposed to the cool ocean air that filters through a gap in the coast range. We source a mix of 114 and 115 clones of Pinot Noir from own rooted vines planted in 2000 in appropriately low nutrient soil. The combination of cool wind and “poor” soil is perfect for Pinot Noir, as you will see in this wine. Floral, red fruit, even a lychee note in the aroma, with bright cran-raspberry and delicate herb flavors and a soft but still focused finish. This wine is a sneaker. This was our first year working with the site, we first thought we may or may not bottle it separately, then thought maybe one barrel would work, then realized this two barrel blend is too good to resist. And we doubled the amount of fruit we’re sourcing from Crowley Station this year. Enough said.

BerserkerBusiness - open for sale 1/26/14

Several early orders, thanks all. Still packages available though, and I’ll do my best to accommodate a few more beyond that.

Wow, an incredible response. I’m making some more wine available for tomorrow. Note to buyers - I’m heading to CA all week for a sales trip so I’m confirming with everyone that they’re in for the 3-pack, but I’ll follow up for CC and delivery information as soon as I can. Thanks for being patient.

Not sure how much Vincent has left, but get on it if you have any interest, as apparently things went well yesterday at the Donor preview, where BerserkerBusiness listings could be pre-purchased

In for a 3-pack

I’d like to order a 3 pack.

Colleen prince

I’d like a 3 pack, please!

Thank you,

This is another OR producer I can personally vouch for, Vincent is a cool dude and his wines are among my favorites. Buy whatever you can!

I ordered a 3 pack yesterday, and have followed Vincent for a number of years. His wines are starting to get a lot of attention, and they’re great!

I will take a 3 pack if any left.

i am in for a 3 pack if any left

I picked up a 3-pack yesterday.

I secured my three pack yesterday and am looking forward to trying these new (to me) wines.

If it’s still available, I will take a 3 pack. Thanks.

Ok, we are now sold out! Thanks all who ordered. Everyone on this thread is in. If you haven’t doneso, email me your phone number to vincentwines at gmail dot com and I’ll follow up for CC information. I’m traveling on wine business so be patient with me. Lots of people to follow up with.


crap–I knew I should have ordered 2 three-pks
Incidentally, Vincent, my event is canceled so call any time