Vin Jaune: a good wine but the most amazing cooking wine.

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Those would be fine choices. But if you want to get as close to Vin Jaune as possible, then pick the Savagnin cuvée.

Tissot now makes a savagnin sous voile wine (in addition to the VJ), and his En Spois Vin Jaune is $79. Ive got 3 vintages of it in stock.

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He has made his sous voile Savagnin (none VJ version) for a long time hasn’t he?

Anyways it is a very good wine. So if some of it is not going into the food it would be a great pick.

Supermarkets here usually have a VJ for around €25. I’m not sure it makes a difference just for cooking.

I did once ask in a restaurant whose VJ they used and had never heard of the one mentioned.