Vieux Telegraph Label: La Crau or not La Crau

I noticed some time ago that some Vieux Telegraph have a label with the addition of “la Crau”

While I realize that the Brunnier make only one grand vins (telegram being the 2nd wine), why do some label have this vineyard designation.

The days of counterfeit wines are upon us. I think that a $64 CDP is not exception.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Actually, the second label is Vieux Mas de Pas. The Telegram is really a third label that came about after the horrendous rains in the 2002 vintage and reflected a completely different cuvee (and name). The vines are planted on the Plateau la Crau, but I am not sure about the designation (I think the La Crau onthe label is a more recent thing post 1990 but I could be totally wrong about that).

Maybe someone with a nice vertical of Télégraphe can enlighten us but I think John has hit it, the older bottles lack the designation and the newer ones have it. Thus

I wonder how many people know that the “telegraph” was a pre-electric version from 1792 which involved signal flags and telescopes?" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;âteauneuf-du-Pape_AOC

As it was described to me, La Crau is used in great years when the majority VT’s final blend is from the Plateau la Crau. A quick fact check in RMP’s book seemed to back this theory up, but I would love to hear a more on the subject.

Good…Its all making sense now.

I need a case of that in the cellar. This will be the last of the 07s I buy.

From Harry Karis The Chateauneuf du Pape Book

“Vieux Telegraphe’s 60.5 ha vineyards are situated in a single block, in the lieu-dit La Crau and for a part crossing the borders of Montpertuis. … The wines (red and white) have printed La Crau on the label since 1994 but this is not a special bottling as is often thought.”

It also says only 4 wines are produce by VT:

Regular Red - 190,000 bottles
Red Telegramme - 50,000 bottles
Regular White - 25,000
White Telegramme - 4,000

Indeed, there is only one VT. Old labels do not say La Crau. New ones do. The vineyard sourcing though is unchanged.
There was actually a switchover from Vieux Mas de Papes to Telegramme as the 2nd label, but it was a bit murky and may have overlapped by a year or two and varied with red and white.

Thank you all for the info…



Actually, there was another cuvee made in at least 2 vintages (1994 and 1995) that contained higher levels of Mourvedre. The wine was exceptionally small production (I have heard numbers in the 5 barrel or less range), and the wine was called Hippolyte. I had the 1995 and it was incredible. I don’t know if other vintages were made.

I asked Bruce Neyers about this a few years ago, and he actually was unaware of the cuvee, so not sure if this came through Kermit. Crazy hard to find, only seen it that one time.

Yes a few people have the Hippolyte on CT. THere is apparently a Blanc Hippolyte as well.