Vienna - Steiereck or something else? Aend?

Anyone have a favorite in Vienna?

Looking for something good in Vienna - currently booked at Steiereck, but intrigued by Aend. Recommendations?

MAST Wine Bistro was our latest discovery in Vienna. Wonderful food and wine and super friendly people running the place. Outside the main center a bit but a tram (can’t remember which one) stops a block away.

It has become a favorite when we are in Vienna.

If you’re listing Steiereck, you’re likely going to eyeroll my suggestion… but you have to hit Bitzinger’s Würstelstand, specifically the one next to the Opera House.

Aside from having ridiculously good sausages, schnitzel, etc. and beer, it’s the ultimate cross-class experience. Go at the right time and you’ll stand in a short line with tourists, college kids and people in tuxedos, all hanging around for (what I thought was) the best sausages in Vienna.

One of the few places my team goes back to year-after-year for a late night fix… and then sends me the pics :smiley:

we really enjoyed Steireck each of our trips to Vienna but our new best place is Amador

That’s a good stand, Kasekrainer probably their best option. Good rolls and senf – not the best potatoes.

+1 to that specific stand.

I thought it was challenging to find a decent wine bar in Vienna that wasn’t impacted by cigarette smoke (why does that city smoke so much)

FWIW (and thread drift) - the Leopold Museum is an interest stop if you’re an art fan. It’s a shrine to Egon Schiele (the “Pornographer of Vienna”) and his mentor Klimt’s works, including “Life and Death,” which is pretty spectacular. Not for the easily offended, but definitely a cultural highlight if you have the time.

Restaurant Konstantin Filippou Michelin 2* enjoyed it very much, also has a more casual place a few doors away O boufés.

EF16 Gashaus and Weinbar Also very good.


Also the Upper Belvedere for Klimt and Schiele.

Agree about Bitzinger’s. We stay nearby and it’s been alleged that I stop by several times a day/night.

Ate another very good meal at Steirereck last year; however I’m not a fan of the remodel.

Tip: the bread with blood pudding is one of the best things I ate in 2018.

The stand a few blocks away – in Schwarzenbergplatz – zum scharfen René is my favorite. Excellent senf. I am blanking on the name of my favorite Würstel at this stand.

Surely the one “can’t miss” art attraction in Vienna is the Bruegel room at the Kunsthistorisches.

I third the Bitzinger’s recommendation.

I did have a nice lunch at Restaurant Konstantin Filippou (which Mark recommended in post #10) last year. They are part of the Krug ambassador program so lots of BTG options at very fair prices IMHO.

Steiereck wasn’t an enjoyable experience for me - service was really poor (pouring my own wine(s) while staff watched from the side) and food was very delayed out of the kitchen. Wanted to like it and I’ve had friends who have love it, just a bad time I guess (friends went in a group the following week and had a poor experience also).

Heard great things about Amador but I’ve yet to go.

Can’t help personally with a fourth on Bitzinger’s, but my friends Lynn and Jon (who Drew has met, and who know from Schnitzel) enthusiastically recommend.

I’ve dined at Steirecke once. Loved the bread and the service. Rest of the meal was good but no more.

Eisvogel in the Prater was excellent.

We were in Vienna a few months ago. We enjoyed our Steiereck meal. We are fortunate to have eaten at many highly rated restaurants around the world and I would not say Steiereck was the ultimate, but certainly an enjoyable meal. The bread cart, after dinner drinks/schnapps cart were very intresting. It is also not very stuffy inside, I would not say casual but the servers have a little humor to them and will joke around a little when you interact with them. I know some people do not like wine pairings but my wife and I enjoy it as we find it a good way to get introduced to things we have not tried before - they served us a late harvest Sauv Blanc that was very good and something we would not try otherwise. If you want something that we thought seemed fairly local and near Steiereck - check out Gmoa Keller. We had a very nice meal here, cozy and seemed full of locals. Good local menu, fair pricing, good portions and very good food, no frills nothing fancy. I had a pumpkin soup special that was amazing.