Victor Hugo wines

Anybody have any experience with Victor Hugo wines, Paso Robles?

Don’t waste your time or money.

Yeah, I’ve had a few of them. I have a bunch of suggestions for you to buy before VH, though.

I thought he was in finance?

Maybe when he wasn’t busy writing? champagne.gif [snort.gif]


Are you looking for positive or negative experience on their wines? Are you looking to visit? To purchase?


Thanks everybody. Just wondered. Was thinking to buy a case of his rose.


Have you tried the rose? If not, perhaps go onto Cellartracker and see what others have to say. Or try a bottle first before purchasing a case. So many great rose choices out there - just doesn’t seem ‘prudent’ to purchase untested these days . . .

Just my opinion, of course.


Hi Larry,
Have not tried the wine, but like Rose. Their website lists the details,
34% Malbec average Brix at harvest = 22.8
30% Merlot pH = 3.29
24% Zinfandel residual sugar = .04g/100ml
12% Syrah bottled December 11, 2015 734 cases.

they list other information too, about the pressing, method of making, and so on. All of their wines are estate.

It certainly won’t taste like the Rose which I normally drink, which is from the Aube district in Champagne, namely
Rose des Riceys (purely Pinot Noir), family sends it to me because some of them live in Troyes, nobody carries it where I live (Palm Harbor Florida).

I don’t know what all those numbers mean, YOU WILL. I just drink wine, don’t really know the engineering aspects of it. How’s it sound to you? It’s only $15 a bottle.

Thank you for any response.


I will defer to others who may have had previous vintages or the current vintage. Can’t comment on ‘the numbers’ because I can’t drink ‘numbers’ or ‘date’ :slight_smile:

Lots of great rose choices out there - I might be tempted to get a bottle or two but would probably hold off on purchasing a case - but heck, perhaps that’s just me :slight_smile:


Thanks Larry. I’m right there with you regarding drinking “numbers”, just wondered if there was anything there which would scream STAY AWAY, on technical grounds.

I’ll try 3 bottles. Do you have any plans on making a Rose?

Email sent - taking this off the boards :slight_smile:


Michael David Wines in Lodi