Vice Versa wines ?

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Just got this. Anyone familiar ?. Certainly some good pedigree here. Also quite expensive, and one of the first 12´es I´ve seen. Thanks for any insights !

2012 Vice Versa Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Las Piedras -
2012 Vice Versa Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley - Dr. Crane and Las Piedras I think
2012 Le Petit Vice Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley -
2010 Le Petit Vice Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley -

2013 Apriori Napa Valley Red -
2013 Apriori Mendocino Chardonnay -

First, let me say, welcome! The more the merrier!
These are good wines (at least they used to be) and as you say have some prices to match. Unless I have tasted them or have some history of tasting them I would say get a few to gain insight. I would not make a large buy based on empty air. There is going to be some awesome wines coming our wine. Stay dry. Worse case, you love them and go deeper on '13. Just a thought.


I’ve not had their 2012s. I believe Paul Hobbs made these. Hard to go wrong with that vineyard/winemaker combo.

I know that Shawn Johnson, a great friend of mine, is their primary winemaker starting this vintage.

This is Patrice Breton’s label - a really good guy and fanatical about quality - and yes, Paul Hobbs made the wines. I haven’t had the '12s yet but have tasted quite a few wines from earlier vintages (and carried some in my shop) and they’ve all been excellent.

Patrice is here with us - hopefully he can chime in

Patrice is a he.

Yes. He is my friend in Montreal…a real gentleman [cheers.gif]

I didn’t quote Todd where he had it incorrect and has since corrected it.

Excellent wines. If you find them at a reasonable price they are a no brainer.

Hi guys,

This is my first post. Fun to see that I already have several friends here. Looking forward to many interesting conversations. I am happy to answer all questions about my wines.

Morten, good idea to do some due diligence before importing wines. I enjoyed our email exchange and look forward to supporting you in your market next year with my 2013s … if you are still keen. We sold out of the 2012s very quickly.

Richard & Peter … Thanks for the kind words. Idem.

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Cool! I picked up a bottle of the '12 Petit Vice from my offsite yesterday. Glad to know Patrice is here.

You look terrific…Patrice.

We ( include Robert ) missed you.

Thanks Peter. But I’m pretty tired after the season. Time for some rest. :slight_smile:

I sure miss you too my friend. You should visit sometime soon. My wife & I are always here in Saint Helena these days.

Please say hello to everyone.


Awesome!! Give it a good decant. Serious juice.

Does anyone know what distinguishes the “VICE to Kalon” Vice Versa from the “Beckstoffer to Kalon?” I don’t see information about that on their website.

I decanted that Petit Vice for a few hours and it was unbelievably good.

We tasted the '13 Petit Vice in our office with our rep Brian and absolutely loved it. It was a big hit with our clients as well and we’ve had a couple of re-orders already. One of the better wines in the price range. Bravo!

I picked up a bunch of '07 Vice Versa recently and am looking forward to diving in upon arrival. I’ve tasted VV a few times in the past and loved it all.

For the 2005 vintage, there were 3 wines offered. The “Vice Versa” was a 50% Stagecoach/50% Beckstoffer To-Kalon blend; the “Vice” was a 100% Beckstoffer To-Kalon BBS and the “Versa” was a 100% “Stagecoach” BBS.

Thanks for this – and apologies for my ignorance, but what does BBS stand for?

In 2008 and 2009, it looks like there were four: a “Vice Versa,” a “Beckstoffer to Kalon,” a “VICE to Kalon,” and a “VERSA Stagecoach.” I get what the VICE and VERSA are, but still am unclear on the difference between the Beckstoffer and the VICE.

BBS stands for Best Barrel Selection - typically a single barrel from the best grapes from their vineyard block.

I think your confusion stems from what you think Beckstoffer and To-Kalon are. Beckstoffer is the family name of the owner of the To-Kalon vineyard. Today, the winery sources fruit from two additional Beckstoffer vineyards, Las Piedras and George III. For the vintages that they produced the wines designated VICE and VERSA (which are no longer used), those wines were BBS. So today’s lineup is:

Vice Versa Beckstoffer To Kalon
Vice Versa Beckstoffer To Kalon BBS (this was the VICE in 2005 and 2008)
Vice Versa Beckstoffer Las Piedras
Vice Versa Beckstoffer Las Piedras BBS
Vice Versa Beckstoffer Dr. Crane
Vice Versa Beckstoffer Dr. Crane BBS
Vice Versa Stagecoach (BBS) (this was VERSA in 2005)

Hope this helps.