Vice Versa Today

Anyone in? I ordered just one of their basic cabs. Couldn’t get much more.

Bought 3 Napa’s on the first wave last week which was all I was allocated. Wish listed 2 bottles each of Dr Crane, To Kalon and Steltzner. Was granted one bottle of Steltzner.

Went with the pinot and Steltzner last week. Went with the Napa cab last year, and then the pinot in its inaugural release last year as well. I’m very impressed by Vice Versa. They really do everything first rate.

Grabbed 3 bottles of the Platt Vineyard Chardonnay, 2 bottles of the Platt Vineyard Pinot Noir, and 1 of each SVD Cabernet Sauvignon (minus the Steltzner).

awesome, they make excellent wine.

Just the Platt chard this round.

Nice to hear that Vice Versa…is doing so well. [cheers.gif]

How do the VV cabernets stack up against similarly priced options from Napa? I’ve seen the 100 pt ratings, but $200+ is steep, at least for me. Realm is pretty much the only wine I’m (selectively) buying at that price point.

Hi Owen, if you like Realm (a favorite as well), you’ll love Vice Versa, especially their BBS wines. Not inexpensive, but neck and neck with the best in Napa. Plus, Sam and Patrice are rad.

Their BBS are over 300 per (still worth) but their normal SVDs are definitely comparable to Realm and other top producers in the Valley

+1 Tasting with Samantha in November was a wonderful experience

Been on the Vice Versa bandwagon for a while now and tend to buy a lot. I love their Napa Valley cab and believe it is fairly priced. All of their Beckstoffer offerings are exceptional, whether BBS or not. If you are a fan of those vineyards then you will love what they are doing with those wines. The real sleepers for them are their Pinot and Chardonnay. They are more Burgundian in style and all I can say is the 2016 is one of the best Chards I have ever tasted. So much so I loaded up on the 2017s as much as I could get. And I definitely second the Patrice and Samantha are rad statement. If you ever get a chance to taste with either of them, do it.