Vice Versa fall offering

I got the save the date for the Vice Versa fall offering. Looks like they will release 2018s of:

Houyi Cabernet Sauvignon
Steltzner O.V. Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Platt Chardonnay
Platt Pinot Noir

I’ve never tried Vice Versa before but have heard great things. Any input on what the style is like? Given pricing and the fact I’ve never tried these before I’m likely mostly interested in the Napa cab to test them out. How does this compare to other high-end Napa wines? What is this most like?

VV is made in modern style, but Melka, in my opinion, never lets the extraction or oak treatment take center stage. I think he does a good job of straddling the line between expressing the purity of fruit without blowing it out.

I am looking forward to buying some of the Napa blend, and while I can’t speak for the above single vineyards, I am a buyer of their Las Piedras and Dr Crane.

You are paying a premium with VV, but it’s quality juice.

Had the 2017 Napa Valley 2 nights ago. Really good. Had that herby, cedar leather nose mixed in with some baking spices. It needs some time as the tannins are still present on the palate. You got a lot of tea bag taste as well.

Was surprised to see a ton of this on the shelves at the PA state stores recently for release price.

Their Chard is outstanding.

I actually love the wines. Definitely a premium, but good lord these are mighty wines for this vintage. I had a virtual tasting with Brian Baker for the 2018s out of barrel and these are must get for me.

Ended up getting 22 bottles: 2 Mag 7s, 4 BTK, 4 DR. Crane, 3 LPV, 3 Houyi, 3 Platt Chard, 3 NV.


Never had, but impressed by some of the sources…Houyi is 1 of 2 sources used by Roy Piper and am a big fan of Platt…realize that’s no guarantee of quality.

Has anyone tasted the 2018 Napa, perhaps a barrel sample on a recent trip?

I was expecting a bigger price increase (say $150 to $200), so to see that it went up only slightly ($165) gains my interest…

I’m disappointed they increased the 2018 Napa price.
They did make 800 cases of it. The Magnum is disproportionately priced at $430 as well.

However, I still really enjoy all Vice Versa wines.
One of my favorites releases of the year.
Looking forward to the Houyi. I’m curious what Patrice can do with the Nine Suns fruit.

I got to do a barrel tasting online with Brian, and the 2018 NV and Houyi are out of this world. Melka and Maayan made some incredible wine. Out of all of the 2018 wines I’ve tasted, VV was by far my favorite, so I had to back up the truck!

Does anyone know the vineyard sources for the Napa

2018: Sleeping Lady, Steltzner, Houyi and a selection of Beckstoffer vineyards.

Thanks Matt. So, all shitty vineyards, clearly :wink:


Vintage 2019

-Mysterons (Inaugural Offering)
Blend of Ecotone (Abreu’s renamed Thorevilos Vineyard) and estate vineyard located in the Chalk Hill Gap of the western hills of Calistoga

-The Magnificent Seven
-Beckstoffer To Kalon Cabernet Sauvignon
-Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Cabernet Sauvignon
-Beckstoffer Las Piedras Cabernet Sauvignon

Anyone know why David Abreu changed the name of Thorevilos?

fify- that’s a good question. perhaps the mark didn’t belong to the owners or they wanted a new name to match the new buyers of the grapes.
i don’t think the vineyard was sold, just that the owners are selling fruit to producers other than abreu now.

Abreu lost the contract (they were leasing it vs owning) starting with the ‘19 vintage. Vice Versa, Accendo and Impensata are now sourcing fruit from there (there may be others but those are the three I am aware of).

So Abreu isn’t making any more Theo starting with the 19 vintage?

Sadly no

Wow, thought he owned that with Forman