Very Quick TN's: 5 Burgs From Last Night (Dugat, Leroy, Roumier, Arnoux, Mortet).

Had dinner with some friends, everyone was supposed to bring a bottle of ‘Village’ Burgundy. Good producer, good vintage. No ‘formal’ notes, just some quick impressions.

2002 Mortet 'CG en Champs VV’
Pretty good burg. Bright fruit, coming together nicely. Good Kirsch flavors.

2001 Dugat 'GC Lavaux St. Jacques’
A little bit of tannin to start, smoothed out nicely. Also nice wine, not overly extracted, good fruit.

2005 Roumier 'CM’
Best of the bunch, so far. Tasty, packed, long, delicious. Great balance, great kirsch flavors. Loved this (same with everyone at the table)

1993 Arnoux 'VR Suchots’
Lots of earth and mushrooms in my kirsch flavors. Loved this.

2004 Leroy 'Bourgogne’
Some fizzy in the wine, some unresolved SO2? Didn’t have time to let it go away. Great nose, hard to tell the body with the fizzy.

So, 2 guys violated the ‘Only Village Wine’ rule, but I didn’t complain. Tasty night of burgs. Makes me want to go out and buy more of the Roumier, though…

good to see you are still drinking the cheap village stuff peter
had that 93 suchots a little back, really nice juice, some of the 93’s are starting to come into a good place

Hey Ken!
Yep, the idea was to bring only Village wines. I brought the Mortet. Of course, Kenny T. brought the '93 Suchots and said “It says a village on the label (Vosne Romanee), so that counts, yes?” Who am I to argue??

can’t argue with that logic

Had that '05 Roumier at our Rhys-fest at Don’s last month.
It was pretty freaking amazing already.

you know anything about the 2005 roumier ruchottes?

Only that I wish I owned some! Bought a little bit of the Bonnes Mares, a little bit of Amoureuses, some CM, but missed the Ruchottes…
Hey, when do you wanna play the ‘home and home’ in July/Aug? Want to pick a date that works? Weekdays are good, weekends not so much!

I knew there was a reason I liked you
hanging around here at 530 on a sat am

I just recently got a 05 bm amour and ruchottes as a 3 bottle parcel and wasn’t so stoked for the ruchottes
guess if you don’t have it, it’s a rare bird

Tuesday afternoons work for me
I have been playing alot
still a 24 but feel like a 17

very frustrating game

Both July 14th and 28th work for me, happy to pencil either one in!
I think the '05 Roumier ‘Ruchottes’ will be quite fantastic, but I’ve never had one. I’ve tried both the '99 and '02, like both, but both are young.

I hear you about golf. I ended last season as a 5, didn’t play at all over the winter, and I’ve been incredibly erratic this season so far, just can’t find the swing. I ‘find’ it for 8 holes, and shoot 1 under for those 8. Then I hammer a ball OB, 3 putt something, hit a wedge fat, and shoot 7 over for the next 6 holes. Just can’t put it together for the full 18 at the moment. Playing to an ‘8’ right now…