Very old Burgundy Wine dinner

Our wine group had a wine dinner hosted by our good friend Marc who has a ton of old burgundy he wanted to graciously open for us. This is the second time I’ve been to his house for old Burgundy. I’ve never been much of a pinot drinker but these guys are lighting that flame! My group likes their wine very old and are trying to convert me!!

Started out with some old Champagnes
1975 Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blanc - Strong notes of maple syrup, strawberry and sherry on the nose. Of course, at this age, very little mousse. I thought it was a rose at first because of the color. The sherry was quite evident on the palate but a very short finish. I was surprised I liked it so much. Comte cheese went well it.
1979 Billecart Cuvee N.F. Billecart. A very nice wine, much fresher and alive than the previous bottle. A very light sherry nose. More mousse than previous wine. A nice full palate of ripe fruit. Very long finish. Again, quite nice. While the two champagnes were surprising, I think I still prefer them much younger.

1978 Albert Pic Chablis Bougros unfortunately corked or something wrong with it! I do love old Grand Cru Chablis. Marc said it was better the next day.

1989 Jean Pascal Puligny Montrachet Folatieres. A beautiful jasmine nose. Burnished gold color that was lovely. Buttery baking spices on the palate. The mouth feel was wonderful and one of my favorites of the night.

1964 Domaine Duchet Beaune Greves A very odd wine. Had camphor and soy on the nose. Kind of appealing in a way that you keep trying it to convince yourself whether to like it or not. A very very light color! It had the color as if you dropped two drops of blood in water it was that light. Had brown sugar on the palate. I guess I can say I enjoyed it because it was so odd!

1969 Remoissenet Beaune Marconnets This one was a giant step up! A deep red color with an extremely floral nose and a strong hint of honey. Very full bodied. Explosive red fruit flavors and none of that old bottle tiredness. Almost a tie but I put it at number 2.

1979 Ponsot Latricieres Chambertin. Had a funk nose. The wine was cloudy and orange on edges so I wasn’t expecting much by the looks of it. Oh my, did it deliver on the palate! Lots of black fruit that filled your mouth and nostrils with flavor. Extremely expressive that opened up immensely in the glass. The funk blew off. On the finish I got lots of tarry notes. A beautiful wine. My favorite.

Of course we have to have a sticky, a German producer I never heard of and I drink a lot of German wines.
1983 Staatliche Weinbaudomane Trier Avelsbacher Hammerstein Eiswein - in 375. Very intense. A little cloying and not much left of the acidity. A nice serviceable Eiswein.

I can’t thank Marc and Sandra enough for such a wonderful evening. And I coveted the Josephine glasses that Joel brought so much that I went out and bought a pair during Amazon Prime days!


Fun notes! Always a treat to taste back in time.

Missed out on some Domaine Duchet once. Still kicking myself on that one… The vineyards are now part of Domaine Des Croix, of which I am a fan.

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