Very nice gimmicky 05 Bordeaux

Winemakers’ Collection Cuvee No. 1 - Michel Rolland - Haut-Medoc 2005

Most probably know the story…each year a famous winemaker is brought in to make the wine using grapes from Chateau D’Arsac in the Medoc. He/she makes all the decisions, etc, etc. Rolland was the initial winemaker and lucked in to the 05 vintage. I think this went for $45-50. 13.5%.

Ripe, rich, okay. Dark, deep purple. Great fruit, deep black fruit, vanilla, still quite tannic. Bordeaux but international style. Pencil lead, earth, Med spices, dry, very rich, mouth coating tannins. Blackberry, tarry, long finish with tar, vanilla. A little heat on the nose. Night 2 a little more open but maybe less rich.

If I had more I would wait for 3-5 years. My guess is that this is not a 30 year wine but that is not a criticism. It went well with food. All in all a lovely wine.

I have had three bottles and enjoyed them immensely…for what they are. I agree that 30 years seems a bit out of reach for them. Nice early drinkers while the big boys come around.

Is that the one we opened at FFII? If it is I thought is was craptacular, no kidding.

Indeed it was opened for seafood fest. Guess you didn’t like it as much as me.

i tasted this over a year ago, super way too young, and thought it was a dense tannic mess but blamed that on its short life.

Thanks for the note.
I am sitting on 3 of these myself with plans to not open the 1st for several years.

What Phil said. It’s better if you don’t think of it as ‘Bordeaux’. [diablo.gif]

I wouldn’t call it a mess now but the dense tannic part still fits. Really my only complaint is a bit too much oak. I think this will be pretty nice in a couple of years for those who like ripe, tannic and a bit of over the top oak.

As an aside I am not an oak lover or hater.
But I am a Tarheel fan and biting the fingernails over the UNC-ASU College World Series Game, 1-0 ASU in the 5th. [heat.gif]

I think it does taste like a Bordeaux, just a Bordeaux made in an international style. It ain’t alone!