Very Cool Burgundy Map

It’s not perfect, but I like it. You definitely get the flow of various villages and how they are connected as opposed to the single village maps.

Thanks Gregg, Very Cool! Has a great flow from wideout to expand. Much easier to maneuver than google maps.

I like this a lot, specifically for the flow from one appellation to the next and the broader context. To be used together with more precise maps, which always (IMO) make it hard to see the flow/context. Thanks for posting this.

I love it

Very nice map. My rough translation of the French text, with an assist from Babelfish, goes like this:

“The “climates” of Burgundy is the title selected to present our candidacy for the UNESCO designation as a world heritage site. The term “climate”, to the Burgundian, translates to the word soil (terroir), and takes on a different meaning than that usually denoting weather conditions. Particularly in Burgundy, the term “climate” indicates a plot of land dedicated to vines and precisely delimited, known by the same name for several centuries. The precise site, the top soil, the below ground conditions, the exposure, the microclimate, and the history form within the vineyard the characters constituting the unique personality of the terroir and the cru. These climates gave rise to an exceptional mosaic of hierarchical and universally famous crus.”

Thanks for the link but if you are interested in detailed Burgundy maps look at Michiel Carpentiers website as well:" onclick=";return false;

Click on " maps " in the upper part of the site.

I think a very useful tool esp. the combination with google earth.

Thanks for the links, gents - I bookmarked both!

Great Map, Thanks Gregg.

Are there any maps available that show who owns what part of a given climate?

These same maps are sold as posters at several Domaines and bookshops in Burgundy region. Bought a set two years ago and gave them as a gift to a cousin to frame and hang in his wine cellar. Really cool. Burgundy wine fans just stare at the posters for a long time trying to locate their favorite vineyards.

Cool map - thanks, really a nice overview …
however you´ve got to have several others for the details …

(e.g. in Morey-St-Denis the 1er Cru Cote-Rotie looks like a huge vineyard, in fact it is not planted at all (and IF it would be very narrow).