Veleta Wines--Incredible QPR!

Had the pleasure of tasting the full range of Veleta wines with Nola Palomar in Chicago last night. These are fantastic wines! They encompass the complete range of old world, new world, and somewhere in between. The Tempranillo rose was very refreshing, the sparkling wines delicious. My favorites were the two vintages of Nolados–don’t think I have ever had an old world style red anywhere near this quality for the $15.00 price point!!

These are worth 2-3 times the asking price and are definitely worth seeking out–absolutely incredible values, as we will find out next month on the other BB. :slight_smile:

Kudos and many thanks Nola and Nolita!



Where is my commission?

Hopefully, she will make it out here to Oregon. I am still waiting to see if I can get the time off to go to the Spanish class.

Agreed. Still waiting for the current release to hit the shelves in Ohio. I really liked the rose, the Viji… and the Tempranillo.

Nola and others, I apologize in advance for my sophomoric take on things, but I swear, every time I see the name of these wines in print, my brain sees Velveeta Wines. [swoon.gif]

Just arrived to the hotel in Lisle, IL…all I can say is I am soooo glad I don’t live where there is this kind of traffic, it would drive me to drink…really!

Huge thank you to Larry Kaplan for opening your wine bar and tasing through my wines with you and David Sweet. David thanks for driving an hour and a half just to meet and sample with us. I put your tuna and sardines in the mail via UPS.

Apology accepted, perhaps a ski trip to the Sierra Nevada and prior to dropping down, taking a look from the top of the summit to see Africa from El Pico de VELETA would cure the crossed wires?? Also there is no strong EE sound, it is pronounced with two short e’s. Also, a personal tasting will also work.
Loren and Jeff, Wine Trends has the new Rose’ as well as a few cases of the sparkling rosado and blanco. I don’t think they have ordered the 2006 Nolados yet. Maybe we can convince Dan Greathouse to get it and the Tempranillo 2006 in stock for our Ohio Veleta lovers.

Just tasted the wines at WineStyles on West Belmont with owner Denise Cody she liked the wines very much and is going to try to get them there for those who live in that neck of the woods. While there a rep from the distributor Abbruzzi (Joe DiMaggio) happened in and heard our conversation, I left samples with him, fingers crossed here!!!