Vegas in May

I have May 11th and 12th open for dinner if anyone is around. LOS???

I’m also looking to play golf on May 10th, 11th and 12th if anyone is up for that. Just let me know.


I am in discussion with a guy who does not participate here (or elsewhere) about a trip to LV in May for a wine dinner. I was thinking LOS but not sure if he is up for Thai. Need to coordinate dates but perhaps we can make this work. Stay tuned. Can’t help you on the golfing front though.


I am headed to Berserkerfest 2.5 on the 12th, as you should be as well, Paul!


I will be there 8th and 9th for wine/food weekend. Any chance you can get out there earlier? If not, will share some duck fat with you on the 14th.



Greg, let me know. Doesn’t have to be LoS. I plan on having multiple meals there so somewhere else is also fine.

Todd, I fly back on the 13th. I’ll be at the events on 14th and 15th.

Jon, I was originally coming in earlier but I had to change plans to attend a wedding on the 8th. I’m sorry to miss you. It would have been fun. Hopefully see you tomorrow at Jay’s.

Anyone else???

The Berserkerfest 2.5 will quickly be followed by the Berserkerfest 2.75. Sometimes it’s just tough to stay on track with all these Berserkerfest events.

You should try one and you’ll see why.

Oh, and I have some Mondavi at wholesale to sell you.

Sorry Paul, the timing isn’t working out for us to join you. Would have been fun.


Greg, too bad. Giving this a bump. May also do a lunch with Jon Lawrence on the Monday if it works for him and if anyone wants to join in. Other days still open…

Monday lunch works for me.

Are you guys still doing lunch on the 9th? I was planning to have dinner at LOS that night. I’m going to be in Hanksville UT on Sunday night staging for a sunrise drive along the hogsback on UT 12. I may be able to make lunch if I jam. What time were you thinking aboout?

Bob, we are definitely on but we hadn’t set a time. I was thinking around 12:30 or so. I’m going out to Primm which is on Cali border for a round of golf in the morning so thinking I would get back to Vegas around noon.

Bob and Paul,

Lunch at LoS is a go. One of the locals who is a chef and part Indonesian will be joining us. He took a group of us last year and brought some killer Rieslings so we will be in good hands.

Anytime works for me so maybe we shoot for 1pm so as to give both of you a little more time? And to give me a little more time to catch up on some sleep.


See you there.

You guys seem to go to Vegas often. I still plan to make it one of these times!


I only visit once a year for a wine/food weekend with a group of wine friends. Most of the people in the group are from LA/So Cal, and it is only a 40 minute flight. I live on the East Coast so bit of a haul for me, but if I lived in California, I would be here more often.

Paul and Bob,

We are set for a 1pm reservation. Our host, Julian Maine, will be bringing some Rieslings from his collection. Julian knows the LoS folks very well so we are in for a treat.



40 min flight, but 30-60 min drive to the airport, 15-30 to park and get to the gate, 1-2 hours to check in, 15-45 min to get bags, 15-30 min to get a car, etc.

I just drive. 4-5 hours tops.

I’m here and checked in. I’ll be there at 1PM. Yee-ha!