Veal chop help

I was in Sam’s club today and saw some pretty good looking veal chops. not something i usually find in our smaller town.

I was going to pick them up but thought I would get the Berserker take on cooking them.

I was thinking about simple salt, ground pepper, and pan cooked in olive oil.

Shoot me sone ideas of how you like your veal chops.

THanks in advance

I enjoy veal chops simply prepared, grilled like a T Bone or other steak. On the Weber or stove top. Salt and pepper. No real need to do much more. Let the meat sing. I think a delicate pour of olive oil a la Bifstecca Fiorentina is a nice addition too.
Be careful, however, for the pre-packed chops in these semi-aseptic containers. the meat can have a funky agminess to it.

if they are thick, cut them and stuff with spinach and asiago cheese, top with some proscuitto and a sage leaf, brown and finish in the oven for a few minutes until your choice of doneness reached. Salt/pepper.
If they are not thick, go saltimbocca style with the proscuitto and sage. Brown and deglaze with white wine, add beef stock and cook for 15 minutes.

Both simple and elegant.

PM me for more details if you want…

I would be tempted to mess with these ingredients. Just for flavor ideas. Light stuff on the chops and pan sear or grill. Make a little reduction sauce with wine, shallots and herbs (sage, thyme or whatever you like).

Rib chops (handle?) or loin chops (tbone?)
With rib chops, I like to butterfly them, while still on the bone, then pound the hell out of them to flatten and spread the meat until it’s the size of a hubcap. Egg it, bread it, saute to golden brown on both sides, then top with some fresh arrugala and lemon juice. That’s my idea of heaven.

John that sounds awesome. I am going to fix that tonight for dinner.

Thanks for the idea!

Picked up a 2 pack tonight about 1.25" thick. I think I wil just do some EVOO, salt am pepper. Along with some fingerling potatos.

Maybe a pettie syrah? Here is a link to my Cellartracker any recs?" onclick=";return false;

Hope that link works.

I like pan searing, finish in oven. Serve with green peppercorn cream sauce or porcini sauce.

Hooray, one of my favorite foodies is in the house! Good to see you here, Bernard.

Sounds like winning ideas. Many years ago I prepared pork tenderloin medallions with green peppercorn cream sauce. I still remember it with fondness. Sounds even better with seared veal chop.

Well the chops were very good. Pan seared with kosher salt and telicherry pepper and olive oil and finished in oven to approx 135.

Fingerlings were done in a butter, garlic, and thyme. cooked them covered in oven for approx 30 mins, then uncovered and grated Parm Reg for the final 10 mins.

Served with a bottle of 2004 Littorai Chardonnay The Tributary, not really a fan of white with veal, but the wife wanted white and this needed to be consumed. Very nice with a little lemon grass, citrus and a little hint of nutiness made this a nice choice with the veal.

I sure hope I can continue to get these chops. 2 very nice chops for $15.

Thanks to all those for the ideas.


I second what Nancy said!!! If Bernard is here I’m going to be here more often.

Oh, boy! Oh, boy! A fan club!

I am buddies with my Sam’s meat guy, see if your guy can give me a hint on how to get these for my Sam’s store. I was successful in getting them to carry skirt steak and now that is a big seller for them. Maybe I can work the same magic with these veal chops.

I was in there yesterday and it looks like it was a “special buy” they only jad 4 packs of chops left and no cutlets. I bought all 4 packs. THere was not anyone in to ask if they were getting more. I hope so cause they were very good.

Our Sam’s Club closed. It was close and convenient. Miss it!

Nice to see MCH in the house!