Various Ridge's, mostly 2009's and 2010's

My wife and I went up to Ridge in September to celebrate their 50th anniversary, which happened to coincide with our own wedding anniversary. There was a 20% off sale for 12 or more bottles that ran through the month, which made this an expensive day. [basic-smile.gif] There were plenty of great wines to drink, and we also drank a few other Ridge’s during the month. Here are some notes/impressions.

2010 Ridge Estate Chardonnay – Very elegant and precise with mineral and tropical fruit flavors, and with bracing acidity on the finish. Holding for a few more years will probably bring out more complexity and allow the oak to integrate a bit more. Another is a string of beautiful chardonnay’s from Ridge.

2010 Ridge Geyserville – I am normally a big fan of the Geyserville, but this one was disappointing to me. This had a huge nose of ripe fruit with a streak of coconut running through it. Not sure if that is the oak or not. Give it a few years to see if this will integrate and settle down, but I didn’t like it from the get-go like I did with the ’09 or ’07.

2010 Ridge Lytton Springs – On this day the Lytton was much better than the Geyserville. Red fruit, herbs and soft spices on the nose, this is a powerful wine that can be drunk now but should soften up over the next few years. A worthy successor to the 2009 Ridge Lytton Springs, in my opinion.

2010 Ridge Pagani Ranch – This wine had a beautiful nose of raspberry and cherries, with a bit of smoky, spicy oak on the nose. Medium-to-full bodied with a nice bit of acidity at the end to keep the wine in balance. Very well done, and I bought a few to compare down the road with the ’10 Carlisle Pagani.

2009 Ridge Lytton Estate – This is an ATP bottling, with 71% Zinfandel and 29% Petite Sirah in the blend. 14.9% alcohol by volume and $30 Retail at the winery. Nose of dark cherries, blueberries and a bit of menthol. The Petite adds some structure and a mint/menthol component that I love. This was my favorite of all of the Zin/Zin Blends from the day.

2009 Ridge Estate Cabernet Sauvignon – Not much to add to what has already been said. A baby Monte Bello from an outstanding year. Great value for the price! This wine is already drinking really well.

2009 Ridge Klein – This is another ATP offering, at less than $45 with the discount. Very much worth the price, with raspberries, spices, a touch of pepper and pencil lead on the nose, and red currants, mint, and warm oak in the middle. I think this wine needs a few years to show its best, and is built for a few years in the cellar. My wife had a one-word tasting note….’buy’.

2009 Ridge Monte Bello – Antonio nailed this one. What struck me about this wine was the wonderful depth of fruit; the beautiful balance, and the velvety-smooth, plush texture that this wine already shows. One of the best of the decade for my palate, along with the ’01 and ’05.

2004 Ridge Monte Bello – I have had a few 2004’s that are maturing quickly, but this is not one of them. The tannins are still a bit out in front of the fruit, so I would suggest a long decant if you are going to drink one now. Flavors of black fruits, cedar, black currant, graphite and spices on the palate. To me, a very good but not great Monte Bello.

1992 Ridge Monte Bello – from a .375 bought directly from the winery two years ago. Slow ox’d prior to serving. Garnet in color, this wine had a beautiful nose of cigar box, eucalyptus, cedar, tobacco and red fruits, with currants, berries and cedar on the palate. This wine is full-bodied with a bit of tannin on the back end. I would rate this as better than the ’90 MB but behind the stunning ’91MB, which should also be the longest-lived of that trio. This was a real treat to drink!

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This is a very helpful thread, Ed. I’ve been meaning to get around to try the '10s. I normally load up on Ridge but went a bit overboard with my '09s and my storage spaces are completely full. They just hit the shelves locally.

Thank you, Robert! I went deep with the 2009’s and have only bought a few of the Pagani and Lytton so far from 2010. I am usually a huge Geyserville fan, and still may buy a few of the 2010 in the hopes that it will settle down, but I prefer to backfill 2009, 2007 and 2005 Geyser’s, if possible.

You may also want to try the 2009 York Creek Zin if it is in your market. For some reason, I did not get a chance to taste it while I was there, but several of the others who were there were very enthusiastic about it.


Hmmmmm…you have a good wife, Ed. Probably oughta keep that lady!!! :slight_smile:

Good notes and pretty much reflect my take on those wines. Right now, the Geyserville '10 is not very impressive. But I think down the road, it’ll show much better
and be a really good Geezer. The LyttonSprings '10 is maybe the best in a fair number of yrs. An incredible spiciness to it. That MB Estate is a real steak at $40.
Thanks for sharing your impressions, Ed.

Funny contrast. I normally prefer LS over Geezer, but not in '09, where I found the LS almost too ripe. I typically find the York Creek too ripe for my tastes. So in '10 you guys are saying LS over Geezer. I will grab both, but damn do I love LS when it is “on”. Glad to hear this!