Vancouver area suggestions

Sandi and I are headed that way for vacation in August. We’re planning on a week’s stay.

Any suggestions about accomodations (someplace with a kitchenette is desirable), food, drink (wine bars and wineries that cater to non-Parker palates). Food-wise, we know that Vancouver has some of the finest Chinese cuisine in North America. A high-end place or two would be great, but we love hole-in-the-wall joints with terrific, authentic food. Of course, dining recommendations featuring food from other cultures is welcome, too. Traveling on one’s stomach is important!

We’re definitely looking for insider tips, places and things to do off the beaten path.


Here are a few suggestions Larry. I stayed downtown at The Listel Hotel at a very
reasonable rate.

Some nice restaurants:

Le Crocodile Restaurant Francais – One of the oldest French restaurants in Vancouver, prides themselves on old world style wines.

Db bistro / Lumiere –Daniel Boulud restaurant.

Market Jean-Georges: hip, trendy new spot.

The Peartree Restaurant – Scott and Stephanie Jaeger, Owners
Very nice restaurant across the street from Liquor Depot. . Scott won a chef award for Vancouver.

Blue Water Café and Raw Bar

Some nice wine shops / selections:

Kitslano Wine Cellar – High end wine shop with great selection.

West Vancouver Liquor Store – Great selection of hard to find wines.

Liberty Wine Merchants: a few stores around town with nice selections.

Liquor Depot – On the east side of town with a large selection.

Hope some of this helps.

Wine Stores:
Kits Wine Cellars like T-bone mentioned
Marquis Wine store is downtown, on Robson, and they have a pretty good selection too

I lived there for 16 years, so I’ve never stayed in a hotel, but i’ve HEARD that the Sutton place is good.
There’s a new hotel - Shangri-la, and i’ve heard there’s low occupany and rates were reasonable.

Kirin - highly highly recommended… My favorite (and i"m Chinese)… authentic, well prepared, high quality ingredients. They have several locations (in Richmond, New Westminster, Vancouver city, Vancouver downtown, etc).
Or go to richmond and randomly pick a nice looking place. most are fairly authentic :slight_smile:

Shanghai River - if you like Shanghai food. fairly authentic shanghai fares.

Tojo’s - good but not the greatest anymore after they expanded… still a solid meal
Guu or Hapa - both are izakaya places downtown. Delicious. if you like Izakaya that is.

West - I’ve heard it’s good. i’ve only been once but a long time ago. it was good from what i remember
Vij’s - east indian food i think, but modernized/fusionized from what i hear. but my friends have said it’s over priced ‘fancy’ indian food. so i haven’t yet been
Lumiere’s - Like T-bone mentioned. a DB place… you get the expected quality
La Quercia - I went this past weekend… suprisingly good. a 9 course italian meal is only $59. small so get a reservation but definitely pretty well prepared, and delicious.

Wine - corkage is apparently illegal in the province of BC. wine in general is seriously over priced.
If you know people you can nudge nudge some corkage arrangements… but you gotta have connections.

No kidding! Ouch!

Vij’s is a must; downright delicious and worth every penny.
Tojo’s - I found it good, but sorely overpriced.
Bin 941 - casual, funky tapas joint; go for the food, wine list is uninspired
West - friends raved about it

Wedgewood Hotel - in Robson Square; plush rooms, killer bar for pre/post dinner cocktails

Vij’s really that good? ok i’ll have to try :slight_smile:
i’ve had several people tell me it’s really good, but overpriced. regardless, i’ll have a go next time i’m up

probably like Tojo’s. :slight_smile: good solid Japanese, but too expensive.

Re: Vij’s

We don’t really have anything like it in LA; the prices are well in-line and cheaper that what I would pay here too. Plus, the service is really top notch. We arrived early, but still had to wait for a table; the brought us snacks and wine almost immediately and on the house.

If there’s one item to get it’s the “wine marinated lamb popsicles”; I can still taste them years later!

I see travel threads about Vancouver and I think that I should have answers because I lived there for 5 years while going to college… but then I realize that I was broke and could not afford to go anywhere other than Earls where I had friends working who would pour me free alcohol…

So my advice has nothing to do with local knowledge. What I have to say is, regarding accommodations, you absolutely have to check Especially based on staying for a week and wanting a kitchen. I have used it in Whistler, Utah, Maui and a bunch of places in between and the place I find always exceeds expectations. It’s always a better deal than any hotel. Check it out.

Vij’s is the best Indian restaurant in which I have eaten in North America! Brilliant, contemporary Indian.

I will also second (or third the Lumiere rec, too) - it was great when it was just Rob Feeney’s place, before Daniel was involved. I thought my dinner there a few years ago was better than French Laundry (though I was somewhat disappointed by Frech Laundry - but that’s another subject).

Lots of good food there - but those are two world class places.

If you are going for a week and aren’t married to the idea of staying in one place all week, you might take a trip up the coast of Vancouver Island to Sooke Harbour House - great place for a secluded stay, but also some fabulous food, pretty much grown, raised, or fished on site.