Utilizing the whole wine cellar

Thanks for the correction Lee, you are, of course 100% correct, brain fart. The Meating Place in Hillsboro has been known to butcher a coppa from a butt for me, with a VERY modest markup, just need to ask. I imagine most actual butchers would be willing to do the same.

Mine was built in a large basement with good concrete walls and floor. A friend suggested having a table in the wine room to drink wine; he also wanted to be able to smoke cigars in the wine room as there was an open vent to an unused chimney.
I realized soon after construction that it is too cold to enjoy drinking wine in the cellar and I don’t smoke cigars.
Much better to store apples, chocolate, garlic, onions and jars of my homemade hot sauce.

What’s surplus wine cellar space? :confused:


It’s like recipes that call for using “leftover bacon.” There are people who have leftover bacon?

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Sounds like we need another wine storage build… not subterranean but aboveground wine cellar :rofl: