Using technology to address challenges/pain points in growing and producing wine

Hi all,

I love it when my work and my passion coincides. I’m researching how emerging technologies could be used to solve challenges in the agricultural industry. I’m a firm believe of just because you can doesn’t mean you should and figured I’d go right to the experts.

If you wouldn’t mind sharing, what are your largest pain points are and why? If you could get help fixing one (or two) major problems what would those be?

Some suggestions to get your thoughts going, but certainly don’t limit to this:

  • Equipment/machinery breaking down
  • Cost of or access to water
  • Cost/availability of labor
  • Knowing what the conditions of the vineyard are right now (temp, humidity, soil moisture, etc)
  • Keeping a record of vineyard conditions throughout the season
  • Monitoring the health of the vineyard throughout the season
  • Monitoring the current and historical condition inside the tanks, barrels, bottles etc.
  • Packing and shipping
  • Tracking and conditions of bottles while en route to customers

Thanks in advance,