Used Eurocave

Looking at a used Eurcave confort vieillitheque . Seller asking $900. Before viewing, asked how old unit was and he stated it was about 7 years old. Took a look at it today, and according to the SN sticker, it’s actually 11.5 years old. Overall, unit is in good condition with some staining of the shelves from a spilled bottle of liquor. Seals are good and it holds temp fine. What would be a fair offer on my part for this unit? Thinking that since original ask at $900 was with stipulation that the unit is 7 years old when in fact it’s 11.5 years old…was thinking an offer of $650?

Ever owned a BMW? They are great for 10 years, then every time something goes wrong, it’s 1k, 2k, 3k. That unit may be near the end of it’s life cycle. Google replacement parts to get an idea what you are looking at for repairs over the next 3 years.

I say 400-500

I have a friend that has two original Eurocaves from the 80’s…they both still hold temp and humidity.

I’d say it’s fair to assume that you can nock $50 off his asking price…but I’d assume if you move too far it’s likely to be gone and that is one heck of a deal.

Kind of what I was expecting as far as responses. End result is pretty much a crap shoot with a used unit…could last another 20 yrs. no problem or open up the checkbook!

$500-600 would be my target, depending upon how many shelves are included. The shelves alone are around $50-$75 each and can be used in other units.

It has 4 sliding shelves and 3 fixed. I offered $500 he countered with $700.

Go to $600 and hold firm.

Large, specialized appliances are not that easy to sell. If there is no pressing need for a Eurocave at this moment, I would just tell him to contact you if he changes his mind. I’m sure after a couple weeks he’ll come crawling back for your 500. And if he sells it, no big deal. It’s easy enough to find something else you’d like to buy for 700 bucks

I sold a similar one, maybe a little bit younger, for $500 last year.

I saw your post about this over at Cellar Tracker. You mentioned when you went to see it that he didn’t have it plugged in. When you made your counteroffer, was in up and running and did you test the temperature? I’d be wary about anyone who didn’t have the unit operational, knowing a buyer was coming to see it.

I did go back and it was holding temperature perfectly. I responded to his counter and said I have to stick with my offer of $500.

Found another one - EuroCave Performance 259 - 5 1/2 years old in very good condition 165 bottle capacity asking $1100.

Say you want to inspect it and Show up with $600 cash, could be hard for the seller to resist

My belief is you don’t buy something from someone who has lied to you upfront. Assume the worst.

Very good point, Brad. It is possible that 11 years seemed like 7 to the seller.

It is always possible that it was bought 7 years ago and spent a few years sitting on a sales floor as a display model. If you haven’t seen the sales receipt the story is cloudy, at best.

The one I’m looking at currently is 5.5 yrs old (vs 11 yrs old) - only 165 bottle capacity but in excellent condition.

My Eurocave 300 bottle was bought in 1997 and is still running strong with only some minor work. Sits next to our GE 55 bottle and both are happy.

My Eurocave Confort 220 btls compressor just failed me after 19 yrs!! I loved it and sadly am selling off the parts - glass door and rolling shelving if you decide on Eurocave and need more contact me. If you keep the charcoal filter cleaned every year and install it properly it will last 15-19 yrs. So, you have about 6-8yr left. Though, the compressor can fail at anytime.

Good luck! My new one arrives tomorrow, but could not afford the Eurocave prices today at $3,600!