US wines on restaurant wine lists

If you’ve dined out recently and ordered something new in the US wine category, red or white, any surprises or new discoveries?

Ordered SALDO at mom’s club and pleasantly surprised at the flavors and spices on the nose and flavors.

I love how many restaurants in Santa Cruz county carry predominantly local wines. And, many at very reasonable prices. Birichino, Windy Oaks, McHenry, Muns, Soquel Vineyards and many more are on many lists.

Many of the San Francisco’s best restaurant carry many Local wines. Quince in SF has Sandlands, Dirty and Rowdy and Ceritas are just a few- and for a 3 star Michelin it is nice to be offered wines under $100.

Lists on the East Coast are much more European-weighted, in general. Not surprisingly.