Urbani 50% off white truffle today 11/30 only

Email here:

I have a unique promo for you today ONLY, something we haven’t done in a long time: 50% off White Truffles.
Our headquarter in Italy made a huge mistake: they shipped large quantities of White Truffles to the USA instead of Japan.
So, we have a lot of White Truffles that we must move with urgency (because we only sell FRESH truffles), while Japan has zero truffles today.
That’s why you can get TODAY ONLY (expires Nov 30th at 11.59 pm EST) our precious White Truffles at 50% off with code 50WHITE22 at checkout.
Pick your size (Small, Medium, or Large) and prepare for a delicious last-minute dinner!

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Sadly I just bought some Alba truffles from another vendor arriving tomorrow. I don’t have experience with Urbani but I’d imagine they are quite high quality given the asking!

So happy to see this deal thank you!

Let’s say someone bought some truffles and wanted to use them on a make-ahead appetizer/bite for a dinner…any ideas?

Perhaps they are so overloaded we get a bonus ounce or two… :slight_smile:

God I hope so, nothing like those white truffles imho!

One day sale today

Vittorio here, CEO of Urbani Truffles USA.

I have a unique promo for you today ONLY: 50% off White Truffleswith code 50FTNC-RXE73P.

There is one thing you should know: we only have a couple of pounds of product in the refrigerator and this email was sent to 50.000+ people.

Hurry up before they sell out!

I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year!****

Anyone get them on the last offer? Any comments on the quality?

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I bought last offer, but there was a shipping delay caused by FedEx, not Urbani, and Urbani refunded. They shipped on Thursday, I didn’t receive until Monday and they were meh. I bought a 2 ounce black piece from them last week that was decent but a bit underwhelming.

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Not the last offer, but we buy all our truffles from Urbani. Good quality, great customer service.

Full disclosure: we only buy white truffles once a year for a few meals (pasta then eggs the next morning). We don’t eat them 100x a year.