Upcoming scarecrow offer

"To compensate for the loss of our 2020 Scarecrow crop, we have put together an extremely limited release. A selection of library wines including formats of 2007, 2012, and 2016 Scarecrow vintages will be offered only to our most senior list members.

A printed invitation will be sent to you next month with more details of the February 22nd release."

pricing should be interesting

Very expensive I would say


Wow interesting. I wonder what Senior list members mean. I am sure that the infamous Mr. Hack will be among the senior members! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Was this emailed out today? My first offering (and purchase) was '09, so curious where I will fall.


Received the email; don’t know if that means I’ll get an offering or that was just an FYI

Looking forward to seeing pricing. Id expect they will be testing the market to see what 2021 price hike will look like.

On the list since '07 vintage. I will ponder, depending on pricing.

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Id expect secondary pricing ++. 4 digit pricing would not shock me

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Premium for wine aged and now released for sure, but not quite secondary IMO. I’m guessing 1650 for the 3 packs


Minimum $2K and likely more IMO. I dont think they will sell 3 packs either. I think it will be single bottles. The last release was close to 1650. I hope you’re right

Anyone else active who did not receive an email? Wonder where the line is

Im only on 5th vintage and did not receive an email

I have not received an email either… third or fourth vintage for me


I didnt receive an email and my 1st vintage was 2016.

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I got a similar email from Colgin- not making a 2020 but will release special library vintages. The release came this week and some older vintages were released at approx 1.5X pricing of the most recent vintage. I was a bit surprised as it’s well over secondary market pricing. Scarecrow’s secondary pricing is another matter entirely…

First vintage was last year, didn’t get the email. Not surprised, and to be honest, a bit relieved as I’m not sure I’d be able to resist and don’t need to be paying something like $2,250 for a 3 pack.


First vintage 2013. No email.

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First vintage 15’, no email. Was planning on buying if offered. Guess I will see if any trickles through and if not probably have an extra $2K or so for something else.

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First off, never received the e-mail. But I just received the offer in the US mail. Three options, with the buying window (my window?) opening Feb. 22.

    1. Single bottle. $1500 (noted as their first 100pt wine)
    1. Three-pack. $2250
    1. One-Three Litre. Tempted to make people guess, but $8000.

And they confirm that you aren’t required to purchase to hold your on-going status.

Easy pass at these prices

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