Upcoming releases - looking for advice

Received two emails today, one about the release of Loring Wine Co’s Spring allocations, and one saying I’ll be getting an allocation of Sea Smoke this spring too. I’ve heard the hype on both, and am looking for advice. I’m traditionally a Syrah, Cab, Zin drinker but have been impressed with Burgundy over the past year. I’ve been disappointed with a lot of CA pinots- high alcohol, very in your face structure. Don’t get me wrong, I like that about Rhone varietals, cabs etc, but find that I prefer softer more feminine Pinots with more elegance than power.

Any thoughts on what to check out from Loring and SS? And is the QPR there for Sea Smoke?

I got the same stupid email from sea smoke. I replied telling them that I dont care for their wines and to remove me from their list

another… “why did I sign up for this”

So that’s a no?

Whatever you do…I would find 2 bottles at retail (2 examples of each)…maybe one newer and one older…see if you like them. A few bucks now could save you a lot in the future.


If you are trying to go for the more feminine and restrained CA pinots, dont look at Loring or Sea Smoke IMO

Although I have enjoyed wines from both, IMO…between these Loring is a better QPR, as SS costs more and also adds shipping on top. Both are on the bigger side though according to my non-sophisticated palate, but I don’t take issue with bigger wines. But I’m sure many more knowledgeable members will comment. You might also consider Sojourn, as I find their wines to be a little more on the elegant side when compared to SS or Loring. My PNs of choice right now are Kutch and Rhys for my very limited budget. And if there is any money left over, then I’ll be getting a few Sojourn bottles as well.

I got the same Sea Smoke email but they aren’t available in retail channels here in Tennessee. Any other insight into the style? How about similar wines?

Where are you located? Do you have a good wine shop near you?
You can find Loring and Sea Smoke wines at retail shops. Easier and cheaper to try one bottle from your local shop. Start with the appellation blend level, and see if their stuff floats your boat.


It sounds like you know the answer from your post…if you’re impressed with Burgundy and you don’t want size and structure from pinot you don’t even need to source these. Pass. Both wines (and I love them btw) have full bodied oaky structured style. Similar wines for whomever asked include ketcham lists browne walter hansel in warmer years and some aubert