Upcoming Napa trip - thoughts?

Hi friends - I have a day and hal free in Napa later this month. Currently scheduled for the following:

Afternoon one - Aaron Pott and the Herrin House in Yountville.

Day 2 - Schramsberg, Corison and Matthiasson (never been to any of these).

Any thoughts?


I have never done Matthiason, but have done the rest.

Aaron is a great guy and a wonderful host. Heron has Myriad and Switchback Ridge. They also have great people too and you might bump into Mike or Leah Smith pouring their wines there.

Corison is solid, but I have never been blown away there.

Schramsberg’s cave tour is very nice if you have not done a sparkling wine tour before.

It really comes down to which wineries are in your wheelhouse and the experience you are looking for. Considering most of Napa has become exorbitantly expensive for tastings, I think you nailed excellent choices that won’t break the bank.

I really enjoyed Schramaberg and have been a wine club member at Matthiasson for a long time. Definitely worth the visit. Corison was just ok to me. I found the experience to be a bit lacking and the wines were very young so unless you are splurging for a library tasting of aged cabs, I would maybe look elsewhere.

+1 Schramsberg.

Let me know how you like them, I have Schramsberg, Corison and Matthiasson set for end of August.

Thanks all. Doing the cave tour at Schramsberg after seeing it on SommTV.

Will let y’all know how everything goes.

I’ve had multiple great experiences at Matthiasson. A great combination of a relaxed, casual atmosphere, that’s heavy on education.

Thanks all for your feedback. Just had a wonderful trip.

Aaron Pott tour at his place up on Mt Veeder was truly one of a kind. We hopped in his car for a nice tour of his property with amazing views down into the SF Bay as well as overlooking all of Yountville, etc. then we posted up in this house there and he walked us through a tasting of 6 of his 2019 offerings. Truly and incredible experience - just the 3 of us for at least 90 minutes.

The Schramsberg cave tour was very interesting and worth doing regardless of how you feel about their wine.

Great tasting on the patio at Corison. Cathy was on property and evens topped by our table to say hello.

Matthiasson was a lot of fun and super laid back - as expected. The only gripe was that on a warm day the tasting lineup got a bit warm due to how they served it - all 6 wines were already portioned out in test tubes when we arrived so an hour later when on the back of the tastings, the reds were quite warm.

I was there for a meeting and Saturday included tastings at Frank Family, led by Richard Frank which was a cool experience; Dakota Shy and Gamble Family. The Gamble right bank blend they call Mary Ann may have been the highlight of the day.


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