Welcome to all seeking mature and glorious wines.

This is my fifth BerserkerDay cellar offer–a one owner bottles stored at 56-57 degrees.

Please read the Buy The Way section below and please do not participate unaware. This is not the typical BerserkerDay offer.

I sold the majority of the bottles in this cellar starting in the mid 80’s to a physician back East. He bought and received mixed cases of superior selections, some are the rare wines folks dream about consuming. The strategy was for him to try some of the wines and get back to me to order those he preferred in larger quantities. For the most part this did not happen, resulting in a diverse but thin collection.

The doctor also bought two wine cabinets to insure proper storage which proved true over time. Bottles fill levels are 90% Base Neck and above, other bottles I felt I had to identify as V,VTS, a hair or two just below the neck cylinder. There are about a dozen VTS and only one TS, a 1978.

There were no leaking bottles. A few of the labels have water stains from the cabinet’s compressor condensate tray overflowing, due to one cabinet door being left ajar and the compressor running continuously for several days in the infrequently visited basement.

I have spent several Zoom hours, virtually inspecting the bottles. All bottles will be shipped to SF first for me to do a final physical inspection, which is logically necessary so I do not get caught in the middle of a bottle condition dispute.

Buy The Way

Bottle prices include ground shipping from back East to me in SF. We may have to wait a while for safe ground shipping temperatures this winter. After decades in the owner’s “expensive wine” cabinet, a few more weeks, or a couple of months will have minimal consequences for these bottles, so patience, please. If you wish to speed delivery to me and then to you via air freight services, this can be accomplished at your expense.

Payment will be required shortly after purchase, regardless of an unspecified delivery time.

Shipping to you will be arranged via a third party shipper in Wine Country able to ship to nearly every state, legally. I am not part of shipping to you other than getting the wine to their facility. You will pay them directly.

My pricing is competitive for one owner bottles in excellent condition. Low retail prices you may find are frequently bottles with unknown provenance and some have flaws which should be listed on the sellers’ websites. Due diligence clarifies.

There will be no pre-sales due to the limited quantities of most of the wine listed.
Pricing will be listed at the last minute so nobody get a head start advantage, I am trying to make this fair for the community.
The following is the listing of the wines to be offered with the duplicates indicating multiple vintages.

Please email your requests to vinoscape@gmail.com

Vintage WINE # Btls $ Per Bottle
1970 Ch Montrose 1 185
1978 Ch Latour 2 425
1978 Ch Leoville Las Cases 6 175
1978 Ch Pichon Lalande 1 175
1978 Ch Palmer 2 275
1981 Ch Gruaud Larose 2 170
1982 Ch Leoville Las Cases 6 350
1982 Ch Gruaud Larose 2 360
1982 Ch Canon 2 235
1982 Ch Ducru Beaucaillou 3 300
1982 Ch Lafite Rothschild 4 2000
1982 Ch Latour 1 1625
1982 Ch Mouton Rothschild 1 1100
1982 Ch Margaux 1 800
1982 Ch Cheval Blanc 1 800
1982 Ch Branaire 2 150
1982 Ch La Miss Haut Brion 1 875
1982 Ch Lynch Bages 4 300
1982 Ch La Lagune 1 125
1982 Ch Meyney 1 90
1982 Ch Beychevelle 2 265
1982 Ch Grand Puy Lacoste 1 275
1982 Ch Cos d’Estournel 2 340
1982 Ch Trotanoy 1 500
1983 Ch Haut Brion 2 395
1983 Ch Cos d’Estournel 1 180
1983 Ch Lynch Bages 4 125
1985 Ch Lynch Bages 1 250
1985 Ch Mouton Rothschid 1 495
1985 Ch Margaux 3 500
1986 Ch Gruaud Larose 2 185
1986 Ch Lynch Bages 4 210
1986 Ch Pichon Baron 5 175
1994 Ch Mouton Rothschild 1 360
1994 Ch Ducru Beaucaillou 1 110
1995 Ch Haut Brion 1 420
1995 Ch. Lynch Bages 6 180
1995 Ch Cos D’Estournel 10 200
1998 Ch Mouton Rothschild 5 475
1999 Ch Lafite Rothschild 3 625
1999 Ch Haut Brion 1 395

2002 Pommard Les Vignots Leroy 2 830
2003 Echezeaux Lucien Le Moine 1 200
2003 Clos Vougeot Prieur 1 190

1989 Chablis Blanchot Raveneau 1 800
1986 Montrachet Ramonet 1. 3100
1989 Montrachet Laguiche. 1. 700

1995 Vueve Cliquot La Grande Dame 1 180

1989 Chateauneuf du Pape Beaucastel 1 175

1985 BV Private Reserve Cab 1 90
1988 Opus One 1 285
1994 Opus One 1 295
1994 Caymus Special Selection Cab 1 220
2002 Whispering Dove Napa Cabernet 4 79
2008 Rafanelli Terrace Select Cab 1 150
2010 Silver Oak Alexander 1 70
2012 Screaming Eagle 1 2800

Super interesting Richard. Thanks for the color/context. If I live on the east coast already, does the wine still need to cross all the way to the west coast before coming back, or is there a different shipping option we can try?

Oh, man!

This is gonna be my first stop.

Yea, I feel like I need to camp out the day before like I’m waiting for concert tickets!

Holla at that Krug and Vatan

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just so I understand, the new platinum/? group has access before the grand cru and others tomorrow for this?

I hope so flirtysmile


What will be the method for purchase? Website? Send you an email?

They already did today (edit: to a few specific bottles that are rare)… Should be general tomorrow (edit: with the majority of the cellar offering)

Mark, like they were able to purchase from the cellar?

Just a very very small subset of wines…a handful

It was just 12 of the options from the list, the geekiest/rarest stuff, multiple bottles were offered of most of them, just to Monopole Cru. These will be public at his launch time

Yes sir… I clarified my note above. didn’t wanna cause confusion :smiley:

Any chance of revealing the vintages and pricing and year that sold today?

Well, I work in SF, so, hopefully, I’ll be able to snag a few and save you the hassle of shipping them.

Oh baby baby!

The 66 Latour and 70 Palmer were already sold after the post was up for 9 minutes. I managed to pick up an 82 Krug. There was also some d’Yquem, a few '80s White Burg. Everything was in 1 or 2x quantities, so tough to get anything. Seems like most was saved for tomorrow.

Any idea what time the sale/price will go live?

There’s no preset time that I am aware of. Per Todd’s Master thread "It starts approximately 7:30 am PST on January 27th, and each offer will have its own thread. I will be posting them in chunks of approximately 10, in intervals of approximately 20-30 minutes. "

The chunks are not in an advertised preset order that is public as far as I know.

Just gotta keep an eye out.

Hope that helps