Underground Cellar (wine seller/retailer) OUT OF BUSINESS

Oh lordy, where is David Z when this batting practice fastball shows up ?!

When UC filed bankruptcy, I was advised to not even bother filing a claim for the pallet of wine they had received and not paid for. My invoice was miniscule compared to the other outstanding debts, and it wouldn’t have been worth paying the $$ to an attorney to pursue a claim, as there was a very small chance I’d get paid anything, let alone enough to even cover the attorney fees.

So now I’m just hoping all of you that purchased Ocelli Cellars wines through UC enjoy them enough to purchase from me directly! :slight_smile:


Just for you @John_Peacock. You are part of Wineaplooza 2024 in Atlanta. I also have a case of each of your three 2016 UC wines for myself.


Wait. Do you mean that you are actually reselling wine you bought on clearance to your friends for profit? Please tell me I misunderstood.

My inquiring mind would also like to know.

Yeah, you misunderstood. Selling it for average price ($15.12 for red divided by 11 because we are opening one), no profit. So yes, I’m passing along the cost of the open bottle. Fair, I’d say.

So one of the things I said further upchain is that my friends and I bought too much UC wine via this sale. So we had a big tasting party and sale where we invited all of our wine friends and people could taste and pick and choose the bottles that they wanted. So resold for average UC cost, no profit.

Reviews tomorrow……

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So note to self, tasting 30 wines in a night is too much (duh!). I didn’t get to taste everything, but here were the crowd favorites. Very surprisingly, the 2019 Portalupi Barbera was the first wine to sell out. Everyone loved it! After that, folks liked the Underground Wine Project Devils Playground Cabernet, Sequum Syrah, La Sirena Malbec, LeVigne Nikiara, Dusty Nabor Grenache and Syrah, Schug Malbec, Seven Oxen Mourvèdre, Portalupi Barbera Sparkling Rose and Margerum Cafe White.

I personally thought the Bolt To Syrah and Odonata Syrahs were fantastic as well.

Worst wines - both Kelly & Young wines, the Malbec and Zinfandel.


JD - first off, 30 wines isn’t too much, you just have to build up your palate muscles! But yeah, at a fun tasting, 30 is a lot. My note - reminder of a previous post - the Ocelli Den Hoed needs 24-28 hours air before it really comes into its own…or 10 years storage.


So while cleaning up after the party on Sunday morning, I saved and vacusealed 3 bottles of open wine. One bottle was mostly full and I saved it because I didn’t get a chance to taste it on Saturday night. And given that it was mostly full, I wondered why others did not taste much of it.

I had a glass of it last night and WOW, I was totally blown away. 2019 Gamba Family Ranches Zinfandel. Crazy mouthwatering flavors and structure after it sat open on the counter all night and then sealed for about 40 hours. It was one of the best Zins that I’ve had in a long time, and I still can’t get over it as Zins typically don’t get better with essentially 50 hours of airtime. Tasted like a $70 bottle, no joke and the other two bottles did not hold up as well.

Gamba makes fantastic zins. Prices creeping up quite a bit so the only time I usually buy them is when I see them in a deal site…which happens rarely. I’m jealous of the people that were able to snag some on this sale!

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I had the 1995 Turley Black Sears Zin last week and wow, it totally beat my expectations. Leather and tons of pepper on the nose with some soy sauce. The dark cherry fruit character had faded on the palate but the acidity was there along with tannins and the finish was fantastic. Still in a great drinking spot.


I miss the UC Portal sale :pensive:. Nothing will ever compare…


Yep - picked up my last shipment yesterday (3 bottles) and received all credits that were due - time to sit back and enjoy some nicely aged wines (at great prices) and lower the inventory/overstock!

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@MatMc was right, this may be the best $14 that I ever spent.

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Great stuff! If anyone does not like their Site wines I’ll be happy to take them off your hands for more than you paid. Looks like I’ve got 6 bottles mixed between 14 and 17 Grenache and 15 Syrah. Not nearly enough…I think J got some of my missing bottles because I sure ordered more than that :grinning:

I received my last shipment this week and of course it was missing a few bottles of champagne that they said had shipped. Overall though, pretty fun I have to say. Sure I’m bitter about the stuff I bought and never got but the bright side is a got a ton of other wine for very little $.


Another winner for me, this is right in my wheelhouse between Old World complexity/ripeness and modern practices.

  • 2018 Mulderbosch Cabernet Franc - South Africa, Coastal Region, Stellenbosch (6/27/2024)
    Awesome Cab Franc, tobacco, violets, jalapeno aromas, 'ripe green' character. Refined yet earthy palate, chiseled with refined tannins, tobacco and black cherry intermingle. Balanced with a long earthy finish, low oak.

    Has a sort of modern sheen to it, but very pure varietal characteristics as well. Drink or hold for 3-5 years. (92 points)


I’ve been checking Grocery Outlets in Nor Cal and so far no big lots of what could be former UC wine has shown up. I wonder where all the UC remains ended up?

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My turn to vent, I guess. In the last few days of their shipping, when UC was processing all of their refunds, they processed all of my refunds correctly and without asking, except that my largest refund never hit my account.

Within this few day span, I received perhaps 10 different refunds on orders that they could not fulfill. I received a refund email on all of them and 9 out of the 10 hit my account within a few days. My largest refund of roughly $345 never hit my account and so far, UC has only responded to me once that they are looking into it. It has been three weeks now.

I guess I’ll continue waiting? Nothing else to do, right? Maybe call Last Call Capital and try to get someone in the phone that worked on this sale?

Dispute with the credit card and see if they actually respond with their legal disclaimer? Would seem like they have bigger issues than fighting a $300 claim.

Thanks for the kind words on my Bolt To Syrah…appreciate it

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