Underground Cellar (wine seller/retailer) OUT OF BUSINESS

This just in:
“We’ve recently completed an audit of all remaining inventory and are in the process of matching availability. Over the next week or so, you can expect to either receive a tracking number for your order or a refund for missing bottles. Please bear with us as complete shipping operations and fulfill remaining orders such as yours. Thank you.”

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I received the same email last week. Nothing since then.

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just received almost 3 cases today, a Sequum Zin from a 1/31 order, some more Ocelli Grenache and some Happy Cyn 2018 Bocce ball syrah, got a partial ship on Tertullia red blend, i emailed - hopefully they find the other 3, sent photo backup

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I also have 9 out of 12 bottles of Tertulia Schism on their way to me @Marc_Fed. No word on the other three.

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welp, I didn’t notice this “final” shipment of mine was just 1 bottle of 12, so I am guessing I’ll be receiving a refund for the remaining 11. Bummer, I would rather have had the wine.

lol - the other 3 went to me :slight_smile:

It’s encouraging that you got 3 cases at once. How many cases do you have outstanding at this point? I have 15 bottles split over 3 orders that I’m waiting for. Haven’t got anything since 5/31. Like many here, I’d prefer the wine to the refund even though space is limited. Awhile back, I bought more racks in anticipation of all this UC wine arriving.

That’s a good question Norm, i’ve got 33 bottles that have yet to ship 18 - from prior orders 1 case left from my last order and 3 missing bottles of 2019 Tertulia Schism, which i can’t wait to try!

If I’m adding up your numbers right, you received half of your undelivered orders this week. I’d be happy if I received half of the 15 I have left.

Yeah, i’m stoked, I know they’re doing what they can, but nobody wants wine shipped in July, nevertheless sitting in a unrefrigerated truck or warehouse over a weekend

It’s very hot out west now…not a great time for shipping.

Lockheed F-104 Starfighter - Wikipedia

F104 Day

Unfortunately that’s what many of us are looking at if they actually “find” our bottles.

and sigh - it’s not the right wine - not even the right color

Ordered mix case 5/17,

  • 3 received 6/7
  • 6 shipped 6/10 (hopefully I get what I ordered)
  • 3 order confirmed (??)
    Can’t be cost effective to ship out East this way. Seems like they are just going the through motions right now.
    My 1st order from January they shipped Honig vs Emerson Brown cab, but they refunded all but $1/btl so all in received a case for under $10/btl, so pretty good QPR.

Got 6 bottles each of Ketcham RRV 2017 PN and Vougeraie 2018 Bourgogne Rouge. No Cru Beaujolais, no note about why.

From UC Portal Support (I decided to ask if they were still shipping):

Shipping is still underway. I can assure you that all orders will be fulfilled or refunds will be provided for any bottles that can not be fulfilled.

Thank you for your patience.

last i heard, they plan to ship thru the month of June (and probably beyond)

Just got the shipping notice on my last missing case (Dusty Nabor Spear Grenache). Sub-90 degrees for the next few days on the shipping route. Hoping for the best.

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Gotta laugh at this one: they said they shipped 3x as a partial order and it came in a two-bottle shipper. :man_facepalming:

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Three bottles of the case I ordered on May 16 are due to arrive today, as previously mentioned, the three “fillers” of the case sadly. The interesting thing to me is that I purchased that case immediately when they posted new inventory, within minutes of the email. It seems very odd to me that they did an inventory, discovered new bottles, listed and sold them, yet now are not sure they have those bottles. These were small lots and I took all they had of each of four wines, so its not like they overestimated inventory numbers. Perhaps they’ll yet ship, perhaps not. It isn’t anything I’m very concerned about, but it seems like an odd pattern of discovery, listing, losing.