Un-react to a post

Can you unreact to a post? Fat fingered something while browsing on mobile and all I get is this.


I had the same issue. I didn’t put an angry face on it though. :joy:

(Maybe once the trust level system works that fixes itself. Not sure.)

I accidentally gave a thumbs up to a post and can’t undo it.

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Another +1 to a FR for the ability to undo a reaction.

I’ve accidentally given a thumbs-up when I slightly missed clicking on the adjacent number to see who had given a post a thumbs-up.

I learned that it’s best to hit the three-dot (…) button to figure out who gave likes because it opens a line below with those. Hitting the number is too prone to error for me.


I changed the setting to 100000 minutes (no way to just turn it off) so hopefully it works now - I’ll test it on a post within here

Edit: Yup, it works, you can change it OR remove it now as long as you do within 70 days, lol


Thanks Todd

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I’m slow. How do you undo a mistaken “like?”

I’m pretty sure you just click on it again…in the screenshot below, my cursor is hovering over the “thumbs-up” icon. Works the same for the other reactions as well.



Testing use of old reaction Gif . . .

Thanks, that works, but with a quirk.

When I click the thumbs up a second time, right after the first click, nothing happens and the thumbs up remains, When I click it a third time, I get the “you’ve exceeded your allowed reactions screen.” If I wait a while, maybe a minute, and click it, the thumbs up disappears.

Where’d you find that? If I scroll all the way to the bottom of the smileys list, I see 2 legacy GIFs: raising a glass of red wine and the wine berserker.

I must be getting acclimated to the new site if all I’m having trouble with is the likes and smileys.

Here you go

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Hi David. Guillermo put a bunch of the old ones in a post as a workaround for those of us who miss them. A little more effort required since you need to copy and paste, but for some of us these are part of our WB “language” so its nice.


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PS I just found out that my reply and embedded link to you earned me two more WB badges. I think I now have more WB badges than BSA merit badges.

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Was accidental, my apologies, the new site is a landmine when scrolling on a phone…


LOL. Been there done that. I have moderator privileges and have hidden, unpinned, and screwed up entire threads because I’m on the phone.

Damn thumb!

I do like the new interface though.

A HUGE +1 to that!

The like/emoji button is literally right in the spot where one scrolls with their finger. I mentioned that when Todd asked about feedback shortly after the change but nobody responded/seemed to feel my pain so i figured it was more of a ‘me problem’, ha!

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i think you can un-check the likes… I have done so 2 bazillion times. I don’t know if there’s a time limit in which to do so.

Make that a +2. The like button is perfectly in line with where my finger wants to scroll.