U.S. Highway 50, east of Kansas

Anyone with recent experience? Am thinking of driving my roadster back to Maryland soon, weather permitting. Hwy 50 looks like some nice 2-lane. Grateful for any input. [cheers.gif]

Hi Terry,

Have you made this trip yet?

If not, 50 from KC to Sedalia is 4 lane - 2 after that. It should be a fun route this time of year.

I don’t know if it would work for you but 50 through KS would take you through the Flint Hills which is a very unique and beautiful area.

Hope this helps

Thanks, D B i r d !!

I have made the trip. Did not do 50. However, coming back from Maryland I needed to stop in Knoxville to see a friend post-surgery. After that stop I proceeded to a hotel in Metropolis ILL, then next morning crossed the Mississippi at Cairo and on through Missouri on Hwy 60 to Springfield and then Hwy 160 west of Springfield over to Kansas. There, I hit some detours and ended up on Hwy 54 into Wichita (ended up taking out a raccoon east of Witchita, at speed, and the not-so-little bastard took out some pieces of my car. So, limped into Wichita for the night, got the car up on a lift first thing the next morning to make sure my zip-ties would get me home to Cheyenne, and then took interstate the rest of the way due to wanting to give my interim “repairs” the least amount of stress. LOL That Hwy 160 in western Missouri is wonderful stuff. Again, thanks for checking in. I will give Hwy 50 a shot next trip across Kansas. Grateful for the recommendation and feedback!

Terry, 160 would have taken you through my old stomping grounds in extreme SE KS…decent place to drive through, just dont stop!

LOL, Chris. I sorta had that feeling, beginning when I first entered Missouri coming out of Cairo, all across Hwy 60. I started feeling pretty good about my surroundings on Hwy 160, but then when I got into Kansas I got a little nervous again. LOL