Two Spots Available for May 8th Annual SQN Blowout

I think I have two spots remaining for this year’s SQN blowout. For details on last year’s event, the thread is below (sorry for using the “other” board). Cost this year is $1200 but trust me when I say that you’ll be getting WAY more than $1200 in value. There will be some killer auction items this year as well. The venue is the Mandarin Oriental in DC. As I said…only two spots are available and I’ll need to know asap. Let me know if you’d like more details. Send correspondence to Thanks all!

I guess I should mention a few things. We’ll likely be popping the cork on 20-25 different high scoring SQNs (if not 30+). Also, I guess I should have mentioned that ALL wine is donated from my cellar and ALL proceeds go to my charity that provides scholarships to financially impaired college seeking students in the Western PA area. You will receive a tax deduction for $800 of the $1200 ticket price. Not a bad deal, eh? Did I happen to mention original artwork from Manfred himself is being auctioned off? How about a mailing list spot?

tremendous deal really, just the wrong coast.

We actually have people flying in from LA, Canada, Texas and Chicago. Just hop on an airplane and come on out.


Wow. This sounds amazing, but probably a bit too costly for me. Enjoy, though, and do eat at CityZen at the Mandarin if you have the opportunity. Easily one of the best restaurants in the entire Mid-Atlantic.

And driving from PA [bow.gif]

Actually, Eric Ziebold is creating a custom menu for us so this will be equivalent to CityZen on steroids. We also have booked the Tai Pan Club Lounge for after dinner drinks. In addition, we’re popping some great bottles at the Mandarin on Friday night as part of the festivities. I’ll be bringing some 06 and 07 Scarecrow, 07 Saxum JBV, 05 Alban Lorraine and likely some 07 Kapcsandy Grand Vin cab. It’s gonna be a good one.

Berto…you best make the Friday night event. I’ll make sure I have some Lillian for you [winner.gif]

Wow. Way to make me even more jealous! [swoon.gif]

06 07 crow? tell me the time, the office will close early that day :wink:
BTW…Maggie forgive me, but I like the Lorraine better. Its a GTFOOH wine.

Sold out. Thanks all!!