Two restaurants in North Miami with BYO

Both of these restaurants have a fair corkage policy. 20 dollars per bottle at Michael’s Genuine and 25 dollars at Michy’s. Very friendly towards corkage and no hassles. There is a 2 or 3 bottle max per table I believe.

Both restaurants are interesting fare with great fresh foods and an interesting selection. Michael’s is a bit less expensive because of the small, medium, large and extra large plates. The bigger plates are for sharing. I would recommend either of these restaurants without reservation. (although you will want to get one if you go there). Careful on the outside seating at Michael’s - after all, this is Florida.

Is there not a Miami BYO thread? Or a South Florida one? There should be. Someone wanna take care of this?

As to your post above. MGFW is still the same. Michy’s is closing June 24th.